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Does anyone take methyldopa and how does it affect them . I just been prescribed it because my blood pressure is not going below 160 systolic. I also take losartan 100mgs and bisoprolol 1.25mgs . My GP is running out of options because I am sensitive to other hypertensive drugs . She’d said this is an older type of medication

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HI have you been tested for potassium levels or renal function?? Also, you could try coconut water, and/or beetroot juice. I too am sensitive to lots of anti-hypertensives and use kinesiology to keep me well. Expensive but worth it. Am on Losartan and Bisopralol too.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I have my bloods done every 2 months and have CKD . I must try the coconut water . The methyldopa is working but I’m not too happy about taking it . I

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