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High BP At Night

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Hello there - if anyone can give me some advice I would be grateful. My Average BP is 128/88 - therefore the GP told me that he is not worried. However at night between 1 in the morning to 3:30 my BP went as High as 179/104 where at 4 a.m. it was as low as 113/67 - my pulse rate was as low as 50 during the peak times. The GP said it was "strange" but said it was not concerning. However I think it might be very concerning - what do you think I should do?

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I am shocked to learn that your GP thinks that's okay, I would be concerned about this. I would definitely see your GP again and raise your concerns, this needs investigating. The reason I say this, I have uncontrollable hypertension and an irregular pulse rate. My GP was very concerned and has reffered me to a Cardiologist for specialisttreatment.

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Yes I am glad you agree with me - it does seem strange the problem is is that he was just looking at the overall figure. However I have had heart tests and they are all normal

Is this a regular thing? - could you have possibly had a nightmare/dream you dont remember?

Have you had a 24 hour monitor to confirm this?

I did have this on a 24 hour monitor - but just once - l am a sleep walker - the problem is what should l do next?

I suspect the only real way to confirm it would be to have the 24 on again to see if it happened again and have a camera recording you as you sleep at the same time. That way you would know if you had walked when the bp rose then you would know it was that which caused it.

For me personally i react to the 24 monitors- find them stress inducing! I have white coat too so going to the drs loads up the numbers! I find doing my own home readings using a machine which is calibrated to be near in range to the drs own machine works better for me. Making diary entries when i have done them and what time and take it with me to my gp appointments. They accept these.

Thank you LisaH - this is helpful and l will do this - just one question do you (or anyone else) have an idea why BP might rise at night and pulse drops?

This is normal, during rest/sleep our heartbeat slows down and the blood pressure rises.

As we move around during the day time our heartbeat increases and the blood pressure goes down. Try keeping a diary of your BP mid morning and mid afternoon. I had to do this and the pattern of morning high and afternoon lower emerged, this settled my mind a lot.

Blood pressure fluctuates all of the time, any stress, however small can make it rise. Possibly you did sleep walk or had a bad dream, it all affects blood pressure. Anxiety won't help though and taking your BP during the night isn't really usual.

Okay - thank you NT !


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Thank you - this is informative

The body runs blood glucose a little higher at night to replenish glycogen stores. Higher blood glucose will stimulate higher insulin levels to enable this storage of carbohydrates, which accounts for the fall in blood pressure afterwards.

It might be good to eat fewer carbs. 1g carbohydrate holds 3g water, so that plus the insulin it takes to cope with it will increase blood volume. If you have had a high-glycaemic diet your arteries may be narrowed by insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). High blood volume + narrowed arteries = increased blood pressure.

I will check on this - thank you

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