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Swollen hands

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Hello! I have been thru cellulitis in my legs/ ankles and was put on furosomide 40mg ... this took ages to heal but finally did. Now my hands are swelling up at times. Had a bad bout 2 weeks ago where the skin was peeling off the palms of my hands and bleeding. Backs of my hands were red and swollen. Had a phone Consultation with the doctor who gave me flucloxacillin and fucibet cream. Seems the anti biotics helped as it cleared. 2 days since finishing the meds my hands are red and Swollen again .. could this be water retention? Trying to see a doctor is impossible! I am really getting desperate. Thankz!

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If you can’t get to see a doctor, you might be able to get help from your pharmacist. If you live in the UK i expect you’ve already looked at the NHS website.

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Tugela in reply to Happyrosie

I was so desperate with 1st swollen hands i went to minor injuries who also tried to get me an appointment. Thanks for your advice x

Hi Tugela, I have been through this and find Doxycyline works for me. Hope this helps. Maximonkey

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