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amlodipine 5mg side effects

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im 72 years old on 5mg amlodipine for last few months, lately having bad heads, fuzzy, very tired eyes feeling really off , dont get the leg etc swelling or aches and pains, its just all in the head,now is this the amlodipine or something else and how do u tell only i suppose comming off it for a few days and see what happens and what bp goes to, it usually gets a bit better late afternoon,i take it at 7 in the morn, its really bothering me now,thank you,tried other bp meds before, ramipril,docazosin,propranolol,bisoprolol had to come off them for unbearable side effects,

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I’m on Amlodipine - since last December and have very similar impacts. i actually now take a half dose and my BP is usually OK - I haven’t told GP by the way but I couldn’t cope with the effects of the full dose and didn’t want to experiment with different drugs during the pandemic. I still wake up exhausted every day and my eyes are heavy, head fuzzy, a bit dizzy etc but slightly less so than on 5 mg. I will probably get my medication changed but I can’t even see my GP for now and find it hard not being able to have a face to face conversation. Good luck with finding the right medication for you - sounds like you’ve tried a few.

thank you so im not alone, im cutting mine in half soon to 2.5 but noticed the brand that made me very ill was made by accord small white pill,my usual one is sandoz oblong with a score line so can be easily cut in half, still get bad side effects on that but better than the other one, im not telling doc either and ill monitor bp, ive been on them and others since jan its been awful and given me insomnia,in the summer luck to get 1 to 2 hours sleep,i get about 4 to 5 now if lucky, but i can function on that

You are not alone thats for sure. I am taking amlodipine 2.5mgs prescribed by my GP in addition to 32mgs candesartan daily. So far, so good.

thank you, do you break a 5mg tablet in half to get your 2.5mg or do they come in that low dose, im finding the make accord ones not suiting, the santoz ones for me are better and alreadt come with a score line to break in half

It gave me a persistent headache for over a week until I spoke to the GP and he took me off it.

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