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5mg amlodipine at 72 years of age

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hi, im 72 years of age been on 5mg amlodipine for 4 weeks after taking ramipril and doxazosin,propranolol all did not suit me. my bp is now 130/80 but get terrible headaches, heart flutterings sometimes and not had hardly any sleep since starting bp meds 6 months ago, im thinking of trying 2.5 mg by cutting pill in half or asking doc for another pill that has fewer side effects, and at my age what strength bp pill should i be on and is bp a bit low now for my age, im 55ft7 in and weigh 10st 12ilbs

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Hi peter999999999. It's not advisable to reduce or cut your medicine out without first speaking to your GP. I know what you mean about the side effects, but a quick word with your GP, especially if you have heart flutterings, will get you the advice you need. Good luck.

Hi peter. You are very tall at 55 ft ....! I agree with previous poster but in the meantime - if you have trouble speaking to a doctor - have a chat with your pharmacist. Mine certainly has been of excellent background help, to get my husband’s BP meds changed by the doctor.

According to the media some doctors are giving excellent service and some are not!

lol yes bit of a mistake, extra 5 in there

Peter, I’m the Doc’s worst nightmare when it comes to BP meds! Ask your GP to try you on Losartan Potassium - it is the BP med that a pharmacist advised is the one about which he hears the least complaints from his patients. Good luck!

i was on ramipril but caused low sodium levels in blood, would not losarton interfere the same

Unfortunately you won’t know until you perhaps try it. My sodium levels do tend to be on the low side of normal but Indapasmide was the one that really dropped the levels dangerously low where I had a job to put one foot in front of the other. Ramapril caused nausea and head pain. Amlodipine and Felodipine caused swollen and inflamed ankles that unfortunately left me with permanent damage to the blood vessels in that area. Doxazosin caused a day and night all over body itch leading to a skin biopsy for confirmation. Tried so many other meds all with equally bad side effects. Was hospitalised to trial me on Moxonidine which has so far proved bearable alongside the Losartan, and now Bisoprolol has been added - so far so good although I hate the way it slows me down. Still have very high BP! Hope you will eventually find a treatment that both works for you and you can tolerate. Best of luck!

Some of us just can't find BP meds that don't react with us. My BP is averaging 150/100 and I have run out of meds to try and patience waiting for that magic pill that might just work for me.

im finding it hard going on bp meds, last year fit as a fiddle then got up xmasday felt fine,started opening presents then went dizzy got terrible shakes etc,then felt awful for 2 weeks went chemists,checked bp 220/120 sent me hospital, tried 5 so far all had terrible side effects for me,amlodipine only one got bp down, ive lost 2 stone,cycle every day ,doc put me on propranolol once gave me anxiety/depression was in a real dark place on them, that went when i came off them.bisoprolol and doxazosin thought i was dying,ramipril highered bp and took sodium levels to low, tried beetroot juice that made me sweat and feel ill,

It's the Amlodipine causing heart palpitations for sure. I came off it for that very reason and am happy on Ramipril. Not sure why you would need to take both? I was told definitely not to do that.

I'm on ramipril and amlodipine since March 2019.The cardiologist is absolutely fine with that.They are different classes of drug and so compatible.I know others on this combo too.

im not on ramipril was took of that and put on amlodipine

5 mg amlodipine is the lower dose. Lower doses of a drug have lower side effects.

Still, do ask your GP about taking a lower dose.

Taking low doses of more than one drug is called combo therapy. So, you might want to ask your GP about a combo therapy for you if lowering Amlodipine does not work.

Also look at the class of drugs. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker. Rampril is an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, Doxazosin is an alpha-adrenergic (AL-fa ad-ren-ER-jik) blockers, ,propranolol is a beta blocker . So, you have tried these four.

There are two other classes that are also generally prescribed for blood pressure: diuretics and ARBs (angiotensin II receptor blockers).

I suggest you go on the site drugs.com and research about the side effects of the drugs you've taken in order to be more informed when speaking with your GP or pharmacist that generally knows more about drugs than an MD.

In other words, you might want to inform yourself about the classes of drugs and the specific drugs you've taken. Also, if you get too many side effects of one drug, your GP may prescribe another drug of the same class that will not give you the same side effect.

In my case, I am taking a low dose if a calcium channel blocker and an Angiotensin II receptor blocker.

For your other question, my GP wanted me to get down to 130/80 and I am 77 years old.

the amlodipine at 5mg gets bp down to 130/80 on its own, also bought a resperate machine to lower bp well it does my lungs good lol and a bike i use every day, i dont think id want any more drugs in me after this last year performance so im trying to reduce the amlodipine slowely,i was on 10 mg but i do not no if you can get 2.5mg of it only by cutting pill in half,ill ask chemist as i can hardly ever get the doc,im finding slow breathing brings heart rate and bp down, on propranolol my heart use to race at rest, ramapril bp went up, doxazosin made me feel ill and bisoprolol thought i was at deaths door

All new to me this... first post! But your post sounds so familiar. (10 years younger which is a bit depressing ). My readings between (sys) 135 and 145 with (dia) between 65 to 80. Pulse anything between 45 and 60 (usually around 50...ish). Bought a good Omron BP monitor. My missus thinks I' becoming paranoid... what da ya think 😘 Anyway - keep well!

seems perfect to me,

Hi Peter

My blood pressure is usually about 140-150 over about 75, but seems to vary. I am 75 and I did have a couple of fainting episodes in June last year , possible syncope. My cardiologist is somewhat relaxed. about it. The 140-150 is a bit high, but 75 is slightly low so if I take pills to bring my BP down I wind up falling down in sympathy.

I take regular exercise, about 5.5 miles a day, and my weight is just inside my BMI. He told me to change the time I take 5 mg ramipril to the evening as it can cause your blood pressure to drop suddenly, but does provide protection against stroke .

I have followed his advice. I have had no more fainting problems. I have an irregular heart beat that I live with quite happily. As long as I don't do something stupid like trying to run up a mountain it doesn't bother me. My resting heart rate is about 50. My spirit enjoys being out getting the wind and the rain in my face and watching the leaves changing colour and spiralling down from the trees

i thought 150/80 was ok fot your age,i use to always be 150/90 for years even in my 30s

Similar to other posters I take low doses. 5mg amlodipine and 2.5 ramipril. Both drugs do different things. One a calcium channel blocker and the other ACE inhibitor. Research them online so you know which is which.

Personally only when I added the ACE ramipril did I get my situation fully under control and felt normal again without symptoms. I have a great consultant and he has told me at length dual therapy per all the latest research is the best way to treat BP and minimise side affects. As opposed to mono therapy (one drug type)and increasing dosages which risk side affects which unfortunately a lot of GP’s are doing who aren’t really up on the latest treatment findings. Hope this helps

took 2.5 mg for 2 days bp went from 130/80 on 5mg to 145/87 first day them 158/90 second day, today 170/92 so took the other 2.5 mg ill check it tomorrow but ill take the 5mg. its hard going ive lost weight,exercised every day, eat healthy bit still cannot get it down yet without pills, it does get me sad that i cannot do it yet

Yes Peter999999999, I'm the same age as you and I had heart palpitations and skipped beats, on 5mg. and was even checked out at the hopital heart dept. and it was all down to Amlodipine. I also noticed I could hear my heart pounding while trying to get to sleep. The headaches, I found, went after about a month, but were quite bad while they lasted. As time went on I found my feet started to swell, which was uncomfortable and unsightly. In the end I asked for the medication to be changed and was put on Lercanidpine 10mg.

(I was taking Amlodipine in conjunction with Ramipril with the usual hacking cough which just got worse and worse to a point when I just stopped going out for fear of having a coughing fit).

Lercanidipine gave me headaches for the first couple of weeks, but the swollen feet occurred again, especially bad in the hot weather this year, and I feel exhausted all the time. I will certainly be going back to my doctor for a change of meds when this Covid-19 business is over (hopefully) and I can actually get to see a doctor! (I'm taking these in conjunction with Candesartan 8mg.)

I've gone from being an energetic, young for my age, woman who went to the gym three times a week to an exhausted recluse on these meds. I hate taking them, but while I'm on them any exercise is impossible, as I find they make me breathless and my muscles scream just going up the stairs on the full dose. I have halved the Lercanidipine dose, and feel a bit better now, and making sure I at least get to have an hours walk a few times a week.

I hope you get you meds sorted out to suit yourself; I think we are all different in what we can cope with personally. Best wishes to you.

thank you took 5mg amlodipine but bp 160/90 so still a bit high, the trouble is the more i take it, the higher it goes as i stress about it, not fun at my age, but ive had it a lot higher for years it was 161 or 171/90 without pills

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