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Confused about my see-saw readings.

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I'm new here but have had hypertension issues for 40 of my 80 years.

When stressed I know it's going to be high (160/80) Otherwise it's low.

Often 100/65 with a low pulse (55). I'm on low dose Amlodipine and Lisinipril for about 5 years. I've lost 30 lbs in recent years. I'm 4"11 Stable at 118 lbs.

I use 2 different monitors for convenience. Seems my new b/p monitor cuff is too big. Could that make a difference? Thanks for reading.

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Bp fluctuates all the time. What you should focus on is and average of the readings. They usually recommend 3 readings each 15 minutes apart while sitting and relaxing. My BP is typically 160/110 for many years and no adverse effects. I understand the second figure is more the indicator than the first. However if you are worried consult your Dr, you can give them the readings and they will decide if action is required. I give my Dr a weekly average reading and am given an action to follow in necessary. Anxiety and stress are major causes of health problems. All we can do is to try and not worry, not something I have ever succeeded at, yet!

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Thank you for your input. I'm sure you're right :)

It's very important to get the right size cuff I was told.Could you perhaps buy a smaller cuff?

Yes, i really should remedy that. Thanks for replying.

Your readings sound very good so little to worry about. As others have said u need a cuff that fits properly. Keep doing what u do as obviously it’s working.

For me it’s reassuring u have high B/P so long and it’s controlled. 🍀

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Well thank you, Brisk... i appreciate that :)

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