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When did you find out you are hypertensive


I was 18 and went to donate blood and was refused because my pressure was 190/120. I had always had a systolic around 130-136 and a normal diastolic.

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I was in my late 40s, suffering from RA and Bronchiectasis and in hospital with a chest infection. Other diseases have been added and BP got worse. It's due to some of the drugs I have to take for all my other health problems. 18 is very young. What meds have they given you to treat it?

Too many...l have never had a unmedicated normal pressure. Last week my systolic was 304...

I hope they get you sorted out soon, that would scare me. I take Felodipine, Doxasosin and Ramipril. My most recent check was 30/180.

I found out in March 2019 with a reading of 244/133 in A&E.I was 54 at that time.Previous measure two years before was 130/80....quite a jump!Your pressure sounds really high though.Are you on medication and how long has it been that high?

I have been seen by many hypertension specialists and none can find out what is causing it to be so high. I have no kidney problems, no artery problems and the only issue is a thickened left ventricle.

Ah I see, I have a mildly thickened left ventricle too but my meds are keeping my bp down now.That's a real mystery then.

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A thickened left ventricle makes me think of an electrophysiologist because my mind goes to ventricular arrhythmia, not that you have it. I was taking BP pills to keep the systolic under 140. As soon as I developed AF (atrial fibrillation) my systolic increased. After my third ablation, my systolic reached 210. So, as a lay person, I think there is some connection between electrical signals and a rise in blood pressure when in normal sinus rhythm. When in AF, my blood pressure decreased. Granted there are those who go from atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm with a decrease in blood pressure --the opposite.

I don't think the medical field is studying the connection between arrhythmia and blood pressure other than to say blood pressure contributes to arrhythmia. Having said that you might want to consult a "good" electrophysiologist about your thickened left ventricle. If the ventricles cannot pump properly, then cardiac arrest can result.

I am not a medic, but I am most concerned about you because you mentioned the ventricles.

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