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Hi about 4 weeks ago I went for a eye test after experiencing blues vision they said my eyes were swollen and said I had to go to hospital for test the eye doc took my blood pressure and went into a panic said I couldn't go home my bp was 300/200 and had to be admitted ended up in hdu for 7 days while they ran tests and brought my bp down. ..........turned out I had had a stroke bleeding behind my eye the doc said I was a walking time bomb. transferred to ward gave me so many tablets now trying to find a reason. ..... done 24 hr pee test taken blood got a mri scan and eye test and appointments with docs so frustrating the pills are the worse part feel dizzy all the time body aches all the time and no energy also found out I have underactive thyroid so on tablets for that as well just thought I would share what am going through at the min only 33 feel like a 70 year old ....

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  • Wow, what a high b/pressure, I'm surprised you didn't have more symptoms apart from the eyes. I do hope you will soon feel better, please let us know how you get on.

  • Yeah so we're the docs they said I've prob had it for a while my body had adjusted..... good job I went to get my eyes tested.

  • Perhaps you had thyroid problems for a long while and over time it caused high blood pressure, ? like you said "Thank God you got your eyes tested"

  • Because my thyroid is under active that's not the problem quite a few of my family members have thyroid problems my mum is overactive which can cause high bp they think it's my kidneys or my adrenal gland .......or it could be just high blood pressure for no reason .

  • At least the Doc's have some idea, so lets hope they can get to the bottom of it. I have stage 3 kidney disease which probably caused my high blood pressure, and is being controlled by tablets, however I'm a lot older than you at 71,

    I wish you well.

  • Yes, @bowler, a non optimal thyroid function can cause high BP. It is not just overmedication causing hyperthyroidism it is also under medication causing your body to struggle along with hypothyroidism for (possibly) years. Both sub optimal conditions can cause high BP.

  • Blurred vision sorry

  • I feel for you and trust your health will improve .Keep your chin up and try to find something positive in each day.This too will pass and you will soon be feeling heaps better. Thinking of you and wishing you a happy healthy future it will happen have faith.

  • I hope they find out the cause of your problem soon good luck

  • hi thanks for your kind words ....just a waiting game now xx

  • Have you been checked for Pheochromocytoma and Fibromuscular Dysplasia? Blood pressure that high doesn't "just happen". My BP went over 300/200 and it caused me to stop breathing and had a severe grand mall seizure until I turned blue and passed out. It caused my brain to swell and I knew nothing (coma) for 3 days! I'm still looking for answers...please let me know what you find out.

  • I've had so many test ct scan mri scan on my brain which showed bleeding from high bp most have come bk clear I had low potassium while in hospital I've done 3 24 hr pee tests waiting for results had blood taken I've got a mri scan on the 10th I see my consultant on the 30th guess I will find out more then .....sorry to hear you've been so poorly the only symptom I had was a blurry eye felt well when I was in hospital hope your feeling better now. ...will keep you informed. .

  • got my heart scan results bk today all is fine have mild lvh which will hopefully get better in time now my bp is more under control yey !!

  • Ah so sorry your going through the mill!. Have to say it all takes time to get the right levels of medicine sorted but at least it is all being looked at. So just carry on your doing fine.Ive been there and know how you feel.! Wendys1 x

  • stephie what does lvh stand for...

  • it's my left side of my heart that has thickened part of my high bp because my heart has had to work harder for a long time to cope with the high blood pressure but now my bp is more in control it should sort itself out.

  • hi ..have only just read your message ... I hope everything is alot calmer for you now xx

  • yeah still waiting on a few results blood tests more or less under control may have to add another tablet hopefully not fingers crossed ........ thanks for the message take care

  • stephie120782 madam how are you now ?

  • hello thanks for asking yeah am doing ok... never found a reason for my high blood pressure I had about 6 months of tests for everything. ....I take alot of tablets 7 a day morning n evening the worse thing is the side effects from the tablets so just recently trying different type .......also this past week I cant get my bp to come down where it should be my highest reading this week was 205/135 but it shoots up and come bk down quite quickly. not sure what's going on there at the min my bp is 143/95 your glad you asked ha !! gunna give my gp a call tomorrow as see what he says ......think it's to do with trying a new tablet but other than that just get on living. ...loving x

  • Hi, just checking in and wondering how you doing

  • still not gd !! ramipril has been upped to 5mg and another tablet has been upped to 20mg it still spikes high not much difference went t see the docs 2 weeks ago he said If it's no better I have to see the consultant seeing doc Thurs see what happens !! ....

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