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Hello...anyone there?

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It's very quiet on this forum....anyone there?

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Hi and welcome to the group. πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Been a member for a while now, but it's so quiet on here unlike the BHF forum.Hope all good with you and Happy New Year.πŸ‘πŸ˜€

BLF forum and NRAS forum are active too. Perhaps most people with BP use the BHF instead of this which is a shame, as the web site is really good.

Yes maybe.Perhaps we need to boost this group up a bit.Would be good to discuss bp related stuff as many on the bhf don't have a problem with their bp.

What is the BHF forum?

The British Heart Foundation has a really lively forum on Healthunlocked.Check them out.

Hello I am here. I try to check each forum group that I belong to daily. Do you have High Blood Pressure.

Yes I do.I was diagnosed out of the blue last March after I went to A&E with a racing heart for three days.Reading was 244/133 so I was given an emergency drip of gtn and kept in for five days.I'm now on 5mg of ramipril and amlodipine.I have some mild thickening of the left ventricle as a result (lvh) but bp meds working well.How about you?

I am glad your meds are working well for you. I do not have high BP, but I do have CKD and am at the risk of getting High BP. As long as I keep my intake of sodium low I am good to go.

That's good then, that it's under control.I find that so many foods are chock full of salt.I've been really careful to check everything to keep my salt low but I think there needs to be more lower salt products out there.

Yes I do that too , I belong to 8 groups but thinking of dropping a couple. But not this one, I take Felodipine, Doxasosin and Ramipril.

Good to link up with a fellow bp sufferer.I've got a 24 hour bp monitor being fitted this afternoon.Any experience to share as I'm rather anxious about it.

I've never had one of those, but I believe they are quite common. Perhaps you could ring the Blood Pressure UK helpline on 020 7882 6218. or email at help@bloodpressureuk.org

Calls from landlines are typically charged between 2p and 10p per minute while calls from mobiles typically cost between 10p and 40p per minute.


I am here. I have mild High Blood Pressure that was under control 120/60 ish with Losartan 50 MG and HCTZ 12.5 MG. I went for a physical in Dec and some of my blood test number were a little off and they seemed to be the ones that had to do with the kidneys (BUN, eGFR, HGB, MCHC, BASO%. I called my cardiologist and she and my PCP said my test looked fine. I was still worried so my cardiologist said it was OK to stop the HCTZ as I thought this effected my kidneys. I did not take into account that the Losartan effects the kidneys also. After stopping the HCTZ I was really light headed and short of breath. A month and a half went by and I am back on the HCTZ and I believe I feel a little better. My weight went down a little in this time (purposely). my BP during the time I was off the HCTZ went up to 130-140/70-75.

Anyone have this problem?

Thank you, TomS

I was on 10mg of ramipril for a while and it made my potassium go quite low but my kidney function was deemed OK.Glad you feel better now.