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Hypertension Crisis

Here are some recent pressures l have experienced

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Is that reading whilst on BP lowering medication? If not, you need immediate treatment; if already on medication, either the dose needs increasing and/or another medication prescribed.

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I have just been referred to a specialist. Some of us have very odd BP. Apparently we are unique and often missed. Was that reading sitting, standing or lying, post moving, after stress etc. Exact nature of the reading needed. I tilt tabled upright at 270/140. Active standing anywhere from 180/120 to more than my home cuff can do without me ripping it off due to the pain, somewhere around 250 systolic. My resting sitting, from standing drops fast to a normo tensive of 120/75, but then carries on falling to under 100/60. Sleeping can see me low under 60/40 so I can't be treated with drugs because I do not have essential hypertention and it would be very dangerous. Normal cardiologists are unable to treat unusual hyper/hypotension that is not caused by the normal culprits.

Check your sitting, standing, lying BP, several times at different times of the day and keep a diary. This will help build a case for a referral if you need one.

Good luck.

PS post eating and a full bladder also affect 'hot reactors'.


I take her pressure daily in both arms in all 3 positions. She's a former professional bodybuilder. She became hypertensive from steroids. Last week her pressure was over 300 the diastolic 288.


and it never drops, and she is not on interventional medication at all, if she is its not working. If you are as you say you are, in other posts on this platform, you know very well that with BP like that she would be in hospital, not a project for you to do to see what happens. That kind of BP required urgent attention if it does not alter and cannot be lowered by orthostatic methods. Infact, no matter how she got that way, a diastolic in that range says she is in heart failure. So i am assuming 4 days on she is now either in hospital or no longer with us.

Again looking at some of your other posts is this a wind up?

I have now talked to the 7 wise men, had all my tests, got all my results, here and been referred to an international hypertensive specialist. Your wife needs help, not BP reading 3 times a day.


You are tachycardic as well as having dangerously high bp. You will be a risk for heart problems or stroke.


Do you have a special clinic near you? They are often connected to hospital renal units I think


I forget to add this is one of my wife's pressures


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