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High Blood Pressure in 20 year old Girl

Hi everyone! It all started when I was 19. I started feeling dizzy and had vision changes and bad headaches. My bp without medicine fluctuated from 185/90, 164/112, 180/100. I’m now 20 and I’m on 3 blood pressure pills. However, my headaches are taking over I haven’t had a menstral cycle in 4 months. My bp is rising again. My hair and eyelashes are falling out. I can’t exercise without getting the pounding headache and urge to faint. I saw a kidney dr and he said I had something called liddle syndrome. However, liddle syndrome doesn’t cause all the other symptoms I’m experiencing. I’ve been to two different doctors and no one can give me more answers. I’m not sure it’s 100% liddle syndrome until genetic testing which is scheduled for this Oct. My labs included Low potassium, Low aldosterone, Low renin. My most recent TSH was 1.2? My last TSH was 0.7. My T4 was 0.8. Can anyone relate or have any answers?

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Very sorry at such a young age your dealing with this but keep hope up and maybe you can do your own research.

Im sure theyve checked your thyroid?

I am 65 and now started bp meds but my anxiety and fears and how I deal with things makes my numbers rise.

While the regular docs are helping you out I would recommend maybe a second opinion even alternative medicine i go get accupunture and chinese meds and herbs from a OMD.

God bless you


Sorry to hear that you have to go through headaches and pain. I agree that while you await other test results you could try alternative methods such as acupuncture. I have also heard that people have experienced some relief from symptoms by using clarified butter or ghee on their temple etc. This is an Ayurvedic home remedy. If you are not allergic to ghee you can give this a try. You can also check with your doctor before doing so. Here is a demonstration of it. See if you find it useful:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rM905iBtsX0My prayers and best wishes🙏🌸


hi really sorry to hear your struggle I can relate to you I was getting headaches and changes in vision myself went to the got my eyes checked got sent t ane where my bp was 300/200 this was at 33 I'm on 5 tablets a day as for the liddle syndrome I have no experience understand your pain and frustration all this takes time n trust me it will get better xx


You need to see a hypertension specialist

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Which meds are you taking? Is your pressure controlled? Do you check it at home? If you'd like l can provide you with a Baum pocket 300mm aneroid pressure cuff and stethoscope.



how did you get on with this? I have been referred to a Hypertensive specialist, I hope you have. X


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