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First reading on each arm nearly 25 points higher than subsequent readings


I understand that anxiety can make initial readings higher and that the longer one sits the further no should fall but I seem to get 150/90 on my initial readings and this drops dramatically down to 125/80 when I do a second reading a minute later. 3rd reading is often slightly lower again. Then if I change arms the same thing happens on the other arm. Ive tried different machines and cuffs and even my doctor is a bit puzzled, anyone have anything like this.

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My motto is, “Don’t take your blood pressure.” It absolutely turns into an obsession and then that turns into worry and then I’m all worked up over nothing! As long as you’re at 150/90 or below, I wouldn’t worry about it. I have hypertension, diabetes, depression and anxiety, so I know. I’ve been through that and feel like my BP is probably lower when I’m not stressing about it!

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Totally agree did you stop taking totally?

Hi Philing. Don’t worry about it. I have white coat syndrome so mine is always up when I go to the doctors. Last time I had to take my blood pressure twice in a morning and twice later on in the day for a week. The doctor said it was okay.

Have you checked what happens when you take your standing blood pressure to see if you maintain a higher level, without moving for at least 10 minutes. If so mention it to your GP.

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