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Is this more serious than what i think it is?

Ever since I was born I had constipation problems.

I still get constipated a lot. I try taking laxatives to help but it makes my anal saw.

I went to bed last night with extremely painful cramps like period cramps but I just finished my period.

I’ve tried changing diet aswell but that doesn’t help.

It almost feels like my intestines are twisted or blocked by something.

I’m currently on metformin for type 2 diabetes.

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Hi GemGem, I too have had problems since birth with constipation. I learnt to eat more veg and fruit but sometimes I need extra help. I also suffered with IBS from 42years old to retirement. I took tablets for the IBS but the constipation was constantly around. I went to the docs on day and saw a locum who listened to me, looked at my meds and prescribed CosmoCol powder. You can take this every day or just when needed, it is not unpleasant to drink and it helps me enormously. Incidentally one of my grandson's also suffer this way and his doc has given him the same powders for children, they work for him as well. I recommend this medicine. Good luck and take care. Maximonkey

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