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I have been on Tildiem LA 300 for a while now for hbp.I always get same brand as it was pointed out this was important.Latest script appears to be different brand and although manually spied stickers say Tildiem LA300 , box itself and internal silver sleeves don't say LA300 anywhere.Is Tildiem 300 different from Tildiem LA300 ?Intending going back to chemist to ask , just curious for other opinion.Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for your reply , box has euro marking on it so definitely from Europe hence different markings on box.Chemist confirmed same product as I have had in past contents wise.Would have hoped 6 euro price tag product could have been sourced in the UK.As you have explained the reason why , it's all down to costs.I have had constant left chest pain for over three years now but tests have confirmed heart seems fine.Might be a positive then that chest pain might not be heart related sftet all due to angina application of this medication as it is still ongoing without clear diagnosis.Fingers crossed.Thank you again for taking time to reply.


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