Fluctuating readings

I do know that BP varies throughout the day, and from day to day, but I'm puzzled.

I no longer take medication for my BP but I still take a reading every morning and this morning it was 119/75 with a pulse rate of 65.

Yesterday it was 129/81, pulse 72.

The day before that it was 158/100, pulse 95

(usually its around 130/80)

Why this variation in systolic pressure? I don't want to bother my GP as she's always in such a hurry she's reaching for her prescription pad as I walk through the door.

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  • Hi.

    From my point of view, I think your b/pressure is excellent, I would love those readings.

    As for the one off high reading, some people get "one offs" perhaps you didn't sit/relax long enough before taking it,? I don't think there is much variation in your systolic, apart from the one off reading. just my opinion.

  • If you have ever taken your blood pressure after taking excercise or even laughing a lot, you will see that it goes up and down all day, so it's good to take a regular measurement and see what the pattern is. Yours seems pretty good overall and it looks like that one measurement when you were high you were a bit excited about something.

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