BP is high upon wakening

I am on 180mg. of Verapamil and yesterday at Dr.s my reading was 157/72..he said my readings the last few visits were high. He added Clonidine HCL 0.1 MG taken at night. Because I am med sensative I took 1/2 the dose to see how the med will affect me . This morning I have a very dry mouth which Doc said would happen. I took my reading when I got up. My reading is 167/96 pulse is 87. I am not happy with the reading and do not understand why my BP is so high at awakening. I am so stressed about this. Why should the readings be high?? My Doc is sending me for a stress test and said IF I have a blockage in the heart this would cause the problem. Recent Echocardiogram was good except for " mild diastolic dysfunction is present (impaired relaxation pattern)" Maybe is why doc is sending me for a stress test.

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  • Take your reading before u get out of bed, take when u get up but have sat diwn for 5 min and have not eaten anything. When u take your readings do not look at them. Check them later on in the day. You could get a sudden adrenalin rush before you take your bp, which would cause a high reading all through anxiety and appehension, yet if you know your not going to look at your reading that adtenalin rush wont come and you will see a difference in your readings. Its crazy how the mind works and the body reacts. Give it a try, take as many readings as you want just dont look at them immediately, write them down to keep a record.

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