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List of treatments doctors say you don't need

I thought members here would find this interesting:


"High blood pressure

You should only be considered for medication to treat high blood pressure, to prevent heart disease and stroke, if you have other risk factors and blood pressure readings consistently above 140-159/90-99."

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I binned my BP medication some months ago and feel much better for it, I've lost the aches and pains in my joints, sleep better and no longer cough all day and night. My BP taken at home is sometimes as low as 123/79 and at other times 155/90 ......... and I have a chart that I took to my GP to show him that on average its 135/80 ish. She still wanted me back on the drugs and was annoyed when I refused - I had to laugh because she sounded so much like my mother when she said things like 'don't come running to me when your foot's dropped off'.

I think she put something on my records refusing to take any blame if I have a heart attack or stroke.

To put someone on statins, two different BP drugs and then have to add another two drugs to counteract stomach upsets should be a no-no. We are being massivly over medicated

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So glad I'm not the only one doing the same exdancer😊

I was told to take high doses of Amiodipine and Losartan in spite of telling GP I suffered from 'white coat syndrome'. I quickly stopped taking Amiodipine when I realised I became too anxious to go out of my front door. I have since also weaned myself off Losartan and, like you, feel much better for it.

I believe I was already down as a 'non complier' with my surgery, having given up on fighting for more thyroxine and buying my own NDT - too stressful and probably didn't help BP 😅

So, it was with great relief I read this latest news - less to worry about in trying to keep to the lower target.

I am, however, trying various strategies and supplements, which I believe are helping.

Really pleased to hear you are doing so well🤗


So pleased there is someone thinking like me Polaris. Keep us updated on your progress - those drugs they give us are really powerful and the side effects are frightening.

I'm taking B12 but not sure if I'm wasting my money as it's turned my wee a bright yellow!

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Yes, it was frightening to discover how much drugs deplete, for example, magnesium, high doses of which were used in the past to treat very high BP.....

Don't get me started on B12 - I'll talk for ever ! Not wasted, as good insurance against memory and neurological problems and you can't overdose, as you've obviously discovered 😀


This also makes you wonder !



Hi ex dancer ,

I would love to bin my medication and use natural alternatives to reduce my blood pressure.

I have asked in the past and I'm on a statin that I have changed from another one .


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