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My partner was recently (a year ago) diagnosed with hbp. we now dealing with on and off headaches and situations that range from choosing appropriate diet and medication. Any ideas on DOs that we need to get into cycle with? We also need to cut down on chemical built medication to supplement based non chemical built medication. Thank you in advance

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How strange, thats three of us with husbands with headaches! There's you, Shaybenholly and myself. Can this be coincidence?

Sorry I don't have a solution.


Hi. The other area to explore is exercise-this really helps to bring bp down. Meditation helps and lowering stress levels. Yoga is a really good way of doing all these things.x


Walking is good, find a health walking group.


I would say that one of the don'ts is 'don't worry too much about it'. When I was diagnosed 15 years ago I worried a lot, my family also. Well, I'm still here, I keep an eye on it and yes - exercise is one of the best things. Another thing to remember is that as we grow older a higher blood pressure is normal, several doctors now have told me this. Cut the salt down, I loved salty food and have surprised myself by not missing it. It's perfectly natural to worry about it from time to time only try not to make it the centre of your universe :)




What do you do if you can't walk 100 yards because you have arthritic ankles? I swim for half an hour once a week at a heated hydrotherapy pool (only 'allowed' one session) - our public pool is very cold and not suitable - its also very expensive. I do a few chair aerobics at home but would like to exercise more.

I can understand people in wheelchairs putting on weight, its difficult to be active.


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