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Weak legs

Hello everyone. I'm a bit worried that I have weakness in my legs. My husband of 53

years died eighteen months ago and I've had every symptom you can image since then. Will had Parkinson's Disease and Lewy Bodies Dementia. I cared for him for 4 years at home where he died. I'm an anxious person anyway and worry easily. I have had panic attacks in the past and if I'm anxious I tend to Hyperventilate. I wonder if this could be the reason for this weakness. I had a full blood count done on April 15th this year and they all came back alright. This blood test was like patients have every 12 months at our G,P practise. I do hope you can help me.

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I'm not a doctor but it sounds to me as if you've gone through a dreadfully prolonged period of intense stress with your husband's illness and then had to deal with losing him. As a sensitive person your nervous system must be shattered. It will take time to recover, emotions can cause us to feel extremely unwell. Time to be kind to you now I think.Talking, swimming, gentle exercise will help towards your well being. I've been there and know that it takes time. I even invested in some holistic therapy to help, it seemed like an indulgence at the time but it helped to put 'me' back in the picture and slowly physical strength began to return. God bless, I hope you begin to feel well again soon.


Thank you so much for your kind reply. I do feel better now after reading what you said. It's hard to think that our feelings can cause these symptoms. I still miss my husband so much, so I suppose it has all being on for a long time.

Thank you again,


Your symptoms do sound very much like the aftermath of prolonged stress. I wonder if your doctor has ever offered you bereavement councelling, he should have. If not then you could ask the citizen advice for bereavement councelling available in the community.

I do hope that you're not being left to deal with all of this alone. A good councellor will give you the opportunity to express your emotions over the prolonged period you endured. Well done by the way for having the stamina and compassion to have coped for so long.


I can understand where you are coming from, as I nursed my husband when he was terminal with lung cancer and he would not allow any other people to touch him, he only talked to our GP three times as he couldn`t wait to die. (He didn`t want to linger) After he died I was in bits like you and even now after 11 years I still have times I miss him intensely. Time will help, give yourself two years and do seek help from a counsellor if you want to. I didn`t as I knew I couldn`t tell anyone how I felt as it was private to me, and I still don`t speak to anyone.

Give it time and it will pass.


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