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Lung carcinoid. After a C.T guided biopsy, I was diagnosed with lung carcinoid, surgery was recommended, but will deplete my breathing?

as it is in the centre of my lung. My Surgeon has decided to wait a few months to see if carcinoid get larger. then it will be surgery. These few months will hopefully give me time to sort out my life for a future!! without half a lung and C.O.P.D I would be glad to hear of any similar experiences.

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Sorry to hear that lesloges, As if the copd wasnt bad enough.

Take care



Hello Lesloges

I'm really sorry that you have had such distressing news.

I have not had a Lung Carcinoid but I have had lung cancer. The top (main) lobe of my right lung was removed in 2009 and in 2011 I had 'wedge' sections removed from my left lung. The lobe removed in 2009 was cancerous but the sections removed in 2011 were not at all sinister.

Will your surgeon not remove the tumour now rather than wait to see if it grows? Have you discussed the possibility of radiotherapy? Sometimes, we are so in awe of the medical profession that we do not question what they say.

I have been told that I have COPD and I must admit that my breathing is restricted but it does not rule my life completely. Compared with some of the lovely people on this forum I am very lucky - I do not need to have oxygen to hand and I have some wonderful friends who help me a lot.

Please ask your Surgeon about alternative remedies.

Good luck and best wishes.




Thanks for your reply Annec, My Surgeon was ready to remove the Carconoid but as it was in the centre of my lung she would have to take quite a lot of my lung away, In fact at my request she agreed to see how fast the carconoid was growing and gave me a few months before I have another exray to see how a generally slow growing tumor is progressing. I have already had radiotherepy for an ovarian cancer so further radiotherepy is probably out.

I am so glad to hear of positive histories like yours, It gives me such hope for a positive outcome. Thank you so much.

Lesloges xx


Oh my goodness, Lesloges, you have been through the mill.

I do hope that everything goes well and that there is a good outcome for you.

I wish you the best of everything.

Kind regards




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