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How clean are pillows?

i change my pillow cases every week, but not so often the inner pillow liner. It is seems the natural habit, to dribble occasionally during sleep, although there will always be the exception. Consequently, the pillow gets stained. Just how buggy is that? Especially if there is an infection present.

Time, when I feel up to it, to wash the pillows.

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I tend to replace my pillows and inside cover every 6 months.

Lynne xx


After all pillows are cheaper enough - I head for Morrisons.


Same here Annie :) but Asda for me :) and the old ones go to the recycling centre.


Always thought the inner cases would be sufficient but they are not. Spring resolutio to go through the lot.


I've got some expensive memory foam pillows that I couldn't afford to change frequently (£35 each, but worth it), I've also got polyurethane waterproof pillow protectors (£8) that don't make a noise or move about like the ones in hospital do. A bit of an investment but should as a good few years. Let's face it, for some of us our sleep and comfort is No.1 priority! Libby


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