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How things move on...

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All sorts of stuff's been going on sinced I last posted... sadly none of it good.

My husband's COPD is now severe, a list of co-morbities as long as yer arm now includes mild dementia, and to cap it all he's now in hospital with covid. .. as I tested positive too I'm laid up at home hoping to recover in sufficient time for him to come home once testing negative. Any comments on how long this damn thing's likely to go on?

30 Replies
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So sorry to hear your husbands COPD is now severe and with dementia too. I hope you’re both being supported by the medical profession. Covid is awful but many don’t seem to suffer too badly with it. Unfortunately people with lung and other health issues can be very poorly.

I hope you and your husband make good recoveries and he can be home with you soon.

Best wishes xxxx❤️

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Pippers in reply to sassy59

Thank you.

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I hope you both feel better soon.My eldest daughter has Covid yet again , it’s seems never ending .

I wish they had kept the mask mandate on transport , she has to catch the train to work .

I had to go to the hospital today , a nurse had to remind people to put on a mask , even though they were giving away free ones at the door .

Sending best wishes

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Maricopa in reply to knitter

I know. People just are weary of dealing with Covid. However, it’s not gone. I’m tired of worrying that I’ll catch it. But I have to be careful. I stay home a lot. Which is a bore.

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Pippers in reply to Maricopa

Just as well we both have it at the same time I spose, and that he's in hospital... much as I can do to look after myself at home right now.

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Thepainterswife in reply to Pippers

I feel your pain , my husband has severe Copd has had for many years and it does get to a stage where you think things can’t get any worse and then they do 🤦🏻‍♀️ Concentrate on your own health whilst he’s in hospital and hopefully you’ll be feeling stronger both mentally and physically by the time he’s home 🙏

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strongmouse in reply to Pippers

Take care. Covid seems to vary from person to person. I was very unwell with it for a week but then gradually got better. For other people it seems to hang around longer. My husband has mulitple conditions, including lung one, and was prescribed antivirals which worked really well for him. Drink plenty of fluids and rest as you need to. Your husband is the best place for now.

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Sorry to hear your news. I hope that you both recover soon from covid. It certainly seems to be never ending. I hope too that your husband's other health issues won't be too difficult to cope with.

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Pippers in reply to CDPO16

COPD and immobility are the worse,nothing to be done about the rest.,

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CDPO16 in reply to Pippers

My best wishes to you both.

Sorry to hear about your healths , with COVID it seems to be a case of how longs a piece of string on how long you suffer especially with on going health conditions. I had to look after my stepfather for five years who suffered from dementia aswell as deal with my own health which was a total struggle so you have a road ahead of you so make sure you get all the help and support available and I hope both yourself and husband make a speedy recovery. Take care keep safe and keep your chin up

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Get well up x

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Sorry to hear this- what a difficult situation for you. I hope you both make a quick recovery from Covid and that you both get support with your husband’s copd/dementia. Take care and remember to look after yourself too! X

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Whats that saying Lifes a B d then you die The thing is take everyday as gift if you can

I wish your Husband well i really do xxx

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Pippers in reply to Eastend555

Thank you... he doesn't deserve this.

Cloudancer profile image

Keeping you both in my thoughts ,heart and prayers.What a dreadful time for you both.

Please remember that you are never alone sending gentle hugs

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Pippers in reply to Cloudancer

It IS dreadful, but I try to think how many would prefer to have their loved ones to look after rather than having lost them.

Ergendl profile image

Oh, dear. What a lot of challenges for you both. Hope you soon recover from Covid. Sending you both love and socially distanced ((((hugs)))).

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Just get well - and when you do don't overdo it and pace yourself, you'll need all the energy to manage. Some people just get a snuffle with covid, some flu-like for a week or two and some longer. Look after yourself and drink plenty of fluids, take loads of tonic and vitamins. Good luck. P

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So sorry to hear of your husbands health issues Pippers. I do hope you have a mild dose of covid so you can get better quickly. As everybody has said take all the help you get offered you will need it x

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Pippers in reply to Izb1

Doesn't feel mild but maybe it is compared to some. I do get respite hours but too tired to use them!

Izb1 profile image
Izb1 in reply to Pippers

Oh bless, well sleep as much as you can and drink plenty, lets hope this passes quickly for you x

Pippers profile image

Thanks, hugs would be nice right now...

watergazer profile image

Sorry to hear of both your health issues. 🤗🤗

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To Pippers, this might be useless information, but hope it will help. When I had Covid (end July/August), for the first ten days I was that thirsty that I was drinking at least a big 1.5litre bottle of water daily as well as hot drinks. It proved to be a kind of "marker", cos once the thirst was diminishing I knew that I'd turned the corner and the worst was over. I wish you all the best X

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Pippers in reply to Skylark3

Be good to drink like that Skylark; I know I don't drink enough as it is. .. thing is, I just don't get thirsty and don't think of it... actually drinking more now than usual to get ibuprofen down.

SORRELHIPPO profile image

My thoughts with both of you, as others here have said, most important to care for yourself. When the hospital talks about discharge with you, grab all the help you can. Tell them about your bad days, not your good 2 hours.

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The results of covid are very variable. I hope both you and your husband soon start to recover. Try to look after yourself. It sounds as if you should qualify for some sort of help. xxx

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Pippers in reply to Alberta56

Thank you. I do get respite hours but to be honest I' m usually too tired to use them!

Alberta56 profile image
Alberta56 in reply to Pippers

I'm sorry to hear that, but not totally surprised. As an unofficial carer myself, I know caring can be very draining. Best

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