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How many of us have had Covid?

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I have been worrying about the recent cases of covid and how it affects us with significant COPD. It is so transmissible it seem it is only a mater of time until everyone gets it. I have had my fourth booster but still wonder how sick might get. Any comments/advice?

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Pete’s had his fourth jab and not had covid, neither have I. We both where masks when out in shops, keep as distant from people as we can and wash/gel hands often. Hopefully we won’t get covid but nothing’s guaranteed.Take care xxx

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macnsyl in reply to sassy59

Thanks we always mask when out. Grandchildren are a different story.

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sassy59 in reply to macnsyl

They certainly are……that’s how we caught the tummy bug we’ve had. Xxx

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Alice70 in reply to sassy59

I was thinking of you with tummy bugs in that worm weather ,awful for uses ,hope you are better

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sassy59 in reply to Alice70

Thank you Alice, doing better now. Take care xxx🥰💜

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It is impossible to say how badly or not someone could be affected by Covid. Anecdotally on here it appears that recent cases haven’t been too badly affected for more than a couple of weeks but who knows for each individual. I can be seriously affected by a simple cold - think pneumonia or pleurisy! So I have no idea how I may be affected but just hope that I have some protection by inoculations. I still clean hands regularly and am careful where I go to, especially indoors and will continue to do so.

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macnsyl in reply to Bevvy

Thanks me too.

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I had covid a few months back. I don’t have COPD but have severe asthma, and a rare autoimmune disease that’s affected my pancreas severely and kidneys. I am insulin dependent and have basically no pancreatic function. I get treated with Rituximab infusions and steroids every now and then and am on 8 regular asthma meds. …I’ve just had my 5th dose but got covid after the 4th. I literally hardly realised I had covid but I knew I had a chest infection and my asthma was affected. I had to double up on asthma meds for a bit. There was one particular night when my breathing was quite tricky and I considered calling 111 but I got through on inhalers.

I wonder if I might have ended up in hospital without having had the vaccines or if my last Rituximab infusion had been more recently, but thankfully I got off pretty lightly!

Keep safe!

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macnsyl in reply to madonbrew

Glad you made it through OK. Thanks for the reply.

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Hello Mac. I am on a lung transplant forum and we now have another huge influx of members who had Covid and had lung transplants as a result. Most of these people are American. Many say they were healthy and active before. They don't mention if they had the jabs or not because those who don't often receive a very cold shoulder or backlash. So it is hard to say.

I have not had it. I am extra cautious but I don't think that is all there is to it. Some people get it several times, some people have not. I don't know why but maybe one day we will know more.

Take care. xx 🙂

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macnsyl in reply to Caspiana

Thanks for the reply

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It is a strange virus .My wife who has PMR recently caught covid and was in bed for four days. We had slept in the same bed up to her testing positive and then kept our distance from each other I slept in other room , we kept testing every other day

Mine was always negative and she was positive for over seven days.

She is over it now, we have both had four Jabs and I’m getting fifth one today. Keep well everyone.

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macnsyl in reply to Brikel

Thanks for the reply

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I have had 4 jabs and am on day 3 of covid, I have bronciactsis, asthma and ra amongst other things. Took a covid test as I was not feeling very good, thought it was a chest infection 😫, but no it was covid rang my Dr to find out what to do as I am on MTX injections, they emailed the covid medical centre, I had a phone call from them asked thousands of questions 😢. The doctor was not happy with me as my oxygen levels were 93, chest painful and sore and short of breath was told to take my rescue pack which is co-amoxiclave 14 days. The doctor also said is was setting me up in a virtual ward run by Sirona nurses to keep an eye on my vitals. The nurse phoned she was very nice asked all about my meds I was taking and said they would monitor me for 14 days twice a day, 9 in the morning and 3 afternoon, I have to send in through a link my oxygen level, heart rate and temp. They are there 24 hours a day for any help if I get worse. Great service by my doctor and the centre. Hope for a speedy recovery.

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Izb1 in reply to Egpa

Wow that sounds like a very good service you received Egpa, being monitored from home keeps you safe from covid and other infections but looked after. I wish you a speedy recovery x

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Egpa in reply to Izb1

Thank you.

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macnsyl in reply to Egpa

Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a great idea,

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Just recovered from covid. Fortunately only very mild symptoms. Stayed upper tract so didnt affect my lungs. Wasnt even bed bound. Slight sore throat on one side very mild and slight headache also very mild which Paracetamol sorted. Only lasted 2 days then all better. I have severe COPD but never affected my breathing.All sats were good so all in all nothing untoward.

Feeling a million dollars now as all recovered. Think the vaccines helped as had all 4. 2 AstraZeneca, 1 Pfizer and 1 moderna. The mixture I was told treats different strains.

I dont worry as much as some as believe we have to learn to live with this virus like all the others.

I don't believe in putting my life on hold at my age, after being locked in for almost 2 yrs it's time to start living again.

We all must do what's right for us so if you dont feel safe then you have to do whats right for you. .keep safe and good health. Hopefully this new strain is not like the beginning and not as life threatening. Patients are not being hospitalized as much now and recovering. Xx

xxSheila 🙌😎💕

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macnsyl in reply to garshe

Thanks for the reply it give me hope.

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I haven't had covid yet and hopefully wont get it, but you never know. I still use my mask, keep my distance, wash my hands etc, thats all you can do. Its on the increase now and running through people at a fast rate because nobody is taking is seriously now and treating it like a cold and for some thats all it is. I am hoping it runs its course and fades out but not sure it will. Keep safe x

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macnsyl in reply to Izb1

Thanks for the reply

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I had it back in June, I've been very careful and then my daughter popped in to see me and she didn't know she had it 4 days later I had it plus I passed it to my sister. I have copd plus alpha 1 and I just felt very thick headed for about 4 days lost my voice taste and smell by 5th day was feeling better day by day 8th day all clear yet my sister who has had double lung transplant was POS for 32 days and ended up in hospital with kidney infection from it. I've only had 3 jabs x

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I caught it last August but it was Delta then. I had only had 2 vaccinations at that time & had been part of a study group who had e mailed to inform me I had only a small amount of antibodies & to speak to my GP. As we had booked 4 days away to Northumberland I spoke with my GP who reassured me I would still have protection. After shielding for so long & being in a self contained apartment we decided to go. I started first & thought it was a chest infection so started taking my rescue pack which is Doxycycline. I have Asthma Bronchiectasis & RA day two I realised it was more than an infection & tested positive as did hubby. I was in bed for 2 weeks very unwell indeed then a further 3 weeks feeling exhausted not even enough energy to put the kettle on. Hubby wasn’t as bad but still tough. He went back to work after 3 weeks but it was too soon & went off sick for a further 4 weeks. I still havnt recovered a year later & am still waiting for a referral to a long covid clinic. 2 months after Covid I had another nasty virus & back in bed for another 10 days followed by a bad chest infection in November which I had to fight without antibiotics as GP refused to see me till I had a negative PCR test which was 5 days later. Unfortunately I had used my rescue pack when I had Covid & it wasn’t on repeat. I know this omicron variant seems to not be as bad but as we are all different you never know. I have friends who caught it very early on & one was in ICU they all made full recoveries very quickly.

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macnsyl in reply to Otto11

Sounds like a real struggle,I am so sorry. I hope delta type of covid is gone forever. I do not understand why you needed a negative test to receive meds.

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Otto11 in reply to macnsyl

Neither did I. I put a complaint into the practice manager as I was so angry. I had so many courses of antibiotics throughout lockdown without even speaking to a dr & non of them were necessary as turned out to be something else. Then when I actually need the dam things they wont prescribe till i'm seen. The manager just went in circles about policies till I gave up & said i'm leaving as we are just going round & round & getting nowhere. She said they would put a red flag on my records to say that I can be seen outside in the car park to be examined in the future if necessary !

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I have asthma and mild bronchiectasis. I had covid a few months ago after a chest infection. I was ok. Tired more than normal and coughing more than normal. The chest infection was worse. I was positive for nearly two weeks though xx

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macnsyl in reply to watergazer

Thanks for the reply

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I had it in January. I have severe pulmonary hypertension, severe copd. Also in heart failure. First 4 days I just slept and drank. Very unsteady trying to walk. Caused chest infection. Tested negative on 11th day. Left me almost stone deaf. I now have hearing aids although I had no problems with hearing prior to covid. Was really tired on and off for about 4 months. Considering the state of my lungs I feel lucky to be here.

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macnsyl in reply to Kate124

Thanks for the reply. You sound like me with a lot of comorbiditys. I. have been a recluse but this summer I aim to see all my grandchildren. You give me hope this is not necessarily a death sentence.

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Kate124 in reply to macnsyl

I think the jabs have helped a lot of us. I still do what I want. With 24/7 oxygen. I didn't in beginning as was scared to death didn't move out the door for ages.

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macnsyl in reply to Kate124

Guess I need to be more like you. I am still probably to careful.

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Kate124 in reply to macnsyl

Well I feel that I'm living on borrowed time so need to make the most of it. Not waste it being frightened to go anywhere.

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I've had covid but not too badly. It seems to affect everyone differently, so I was one of the luck ones. Fingers crossed for everyone with breathing difficulties.

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macnsyl in reply to Alberta56

Thanks for the reply

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On Thursday this week I faced my second spirometry test,my first three years ago confirmed I had Mild COPD.I was concerned this test would confirm my COPD has advanced and I would no longer be graded as mild.

Last October I contracted Covid-19,add to that,due to lockdown my local gym had closed and I got out of my usual exercise routines .I had also put on some weight too.

I was both a surprise and relief to me that my test result showed there had been no deterioration in my lungs from my first test 3 years ago.My COPD is still graded mild .I do hope my example can give you some relief from worrying about COVID having a detrimental effect on your COPD.

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Thank you for the reply

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My husband has severe COPD and lung cancer but when he caught covid he was not ill at all. Everyone is different but he was told the steroids in his blue inhaler protected his lungs.

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macnsyl in reply to Viamar204B

So good to know,thank you

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I caught it late June this year. Tested positive for ten days, and felt unwell but was able to get up and potter about. Worst thing was the initial damage to the back of my nose which was bleeding when I took the test swabs. Took another five days to feel back to my normal self, but have a bit of work to do getting back my muscle fitness after being housebound for so long.

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Thanks for the reply.

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