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Hi all,I have been diagnosed with copd and recently had over active thyroid which I had radiation tablet for,but now have under active

Which take thyroxine for for rest of life.but have put on loads of weight and find it difficult to do anything somedays.have inhalers which I hate using because of the steroids.and more weight gain,bit of a dodgy hip happening as well because of arthritis.i eat healthily but struggle sometimes to just walk is now nonexistent as don't go wits end what to do as doctors just say lose weight and I would feel brainier really...but easier said than done. HELP

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Hi jambo ialso have copd and underactive thyroid ,i,ve had them well over 4 yrs but found the first year on thyroxine i was extremely tired very lathargic and gained 2 stone in weight, i was told that thyroxine slows everything in your body down including your matabolism and that once your body was use to it you would start to improve .i tried to keep active ,ate sensibley and for the first month nothing happened then started to lose weight slower than normal but i didn,t give up . i lost 2 stone , i dont worry to much about the inhalers as i know i need them and by using them regular i can keep more active, things really do get better .Good Luck sharon x


Hi Sharon,thanks for the reply and the positivity,it's good to know that I,m not alone in feeling this way,your reply has cheered me up no end.cheers x


Hello and welcome Jambo :)

There are some very good exercise routines on YouTube which are suitable for COPD patients, and I think the British Lung Foundation do their own CD/Video. Try enquiring from them on 0300 030 555 FREE tomorrow. They will also be more than happy to discuss your difficulties with you and maybe able to offer further advice.


Hi Elian,

Thanks for that,will certainly call them tomorrow for some advice,be great to get something positive done.a lot of places are so full of doom and gloom.

Cheers :)