Hello everyone not smoked for 19 days now for the past 6 days had a permanent runny nose and chesty cough is this normal

since I have stopped smoking everything seems to have gotten worse still taking my seretide inhaler morning and night and ventolin when I need it and the chemist has just given me sudafed to see if this will help if not she said to try antihistamines any advice would be really appreciated x

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  • Well done you. Your body needs time to adjust to not smoking, I coughed a lot when I stopped. If you get worried talk to your GP. What ever you do don't start smoking again. :)

  • WELL DONE! And keep it up. xx

  • Hi lemony Well done for stopping you will feel so much better for it. If it took five mins to smoke the thing take five mins at an open window if you can, that will be your 'fix' for the day...... It works.!... AL

  • well well well done

  • Well done. I have only gone 4days without a cigarette and like you, I have a cough. Last time this happened my GP gave me a course of antibiotics also a short supply of steroids to get rid of the gunge on my chest. It did the trick. Keep up the good work.I hope I can last 19 days this time.

  • thankyou for replying and the encouragement everyone can't believe it has been 19 days already and well done teabag333 you can xx

  • Thank you lemony for your encouragement.

  • Don't stop now whatever you do! Tomorrow is my husband's 1 year anniversary of not smoking. He doesn't have COPD, like me, but wanted to support me. I have now done 14 months and will NEVER smoke again.

    Lynne xx

  • Bye the way, I would never have believed this, but I don't ever think about it now and I hate the smell of it on people.

    Lynne xx

  • Lemony1 Well done, it will get easier after a short time but don't give in. Well done to anyone who has managed to stop smoking.

  • Well done keep going it will start getting easier soon. Best get your gp to check you out if your coughing and have a runny nose.

  • WELL DONE - DON'T STOP STOPPING. As you can see from all your support you are doing the best possible thing.


  • Hiya lemony I smoked my last ciggie on 29/11/2011 and still do this day especially in the morning wake up with a bunged up nose and have to clear my chest. Sometime there is blood obvious but my GP said that is normal. I have empysema and FEV1 33% my PF readings are 150- 250 . Hope that this helps. KEEP OFF THEM FAGS.

  • Ask your GP for a course of Champyx pills - real wonder drug in giving up smoking.

  • Just keep on stopping! It's only your body letting you know that you're winning. I took about a month to "get over it" so you're getting closer every day.

    Believe me it's worth it.

  • I was prescribed a course of Champix and it worked for me

  • Champix for me too, and my husband.

    Lynne xx

  • Many times I have given up the evil sticks, but this time I mean it so keep going. I take the same medication as you, and have not smoked for 5 wks now. Have been feeling rough for a couple of weeks coughing and yes funnily enough my nose has been a bit runny !! Still not complaining will get better in the end once all the gunge has gone. My new hobby is eating everything in sight, found myself eyeing the dogs food up thinking how nice and crunchy it looked. whoops!!!!!

  • ha ha ha x

  • My Mom quit 7/8 years ago and it was about 2 years before she really cleared her lungs so don't give up now...well done, I've not got there yet :-/

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