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Premium Rate Phone Numbers

Some 0800 numbers are free, others are not. If you want to find a local number to call instead of what may be an expensive National Number, try this site 'SAYNOTO0870.COM'

The link to the site is :

Follow the links in blue to find what you want.

Use this site with discretion, some premium rates are actually cheaper than calling the local numbers.

Breathe easy all


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Thanks, John. For a long time, I wanted to know about these phone numbers. Some can be a rip off like these daft competitions on ITV.


One to note, that worries a lot of people still, are numbers starting with 03 - like the BLF helpline. These are charged at the same rate as 01/02 numbers, from landline or mobiles.

I am with Virgin on cable so I hardly ever call out on that line as it's blooming expensive, they have a connection fee as well as the pence per minute rate. Instead I have a darned good package on my mobile that gives unlimited landline minutes as well as an allowance to mobiles and texts. Because of that I use the saynoto0870 site a lot, to get the real number instead if the expensive 0844's a lot of companies use now.

Then again, calls to 0800 are not free from my mobile - I wouldn't mind but I worked in the non-geographical telecoms area for several years and it confuses me, never mind anyone else!


These free or low rate numbers are great if you are with BT. If you have another provider, they can prove quite expensive. Libby



Just to clarify about the Helpline 0300 number.

The most you should pay is the cost of a local call, wherever you call from in the UK. This includes mobiles. 0300 numbers are also included in call inclusive packages so may therefore be free - but that would depend on your provider.

0300 numbers are only available to charities and not for profit organisations.



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New changes in legislation and guidance from Ofcom have mandated that calls to telephone numbers that begin with 03 do not attract any additional charge to the caller.

This means that calls to telephone numbers starting 0300 are free from mobiles, whilst calls to numbers beginning 0345 are now charged at standard rates ( and are treated in the same way as numbers starting 01 and 02

To save on call costs to government departments simply swap the 0845 at the start of numbers to 0345

All Government Departments that offer customer service lines should now have swapped from 08 to 03.


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