Phlegmy cough for 4 months,

I had a cold almost four months ago and have had this phlegmy cough ever since, the phlegm is light green. The doctor breifly listened to my chest and said it was fine, he suggests acid reflux?? I have not had any other acid reflux symptoms, I am of normal weight and eat healthily, I have even cut out dairy products to try and shift this cough. Is it likely to be a serious condition given that my doctor didn't hear anything on my chest? I have symptoms of a bunged up nose sometimes but other than that I'm not running a fever and have no other cold symptoms, just the phlegmy cough and sometimes I feel breathless and tired with it when its at its worst. I have never suffered a cough for more than a week before this and I have never smoked, I recently had positive tests for ANA and Rheumatoid factor due to abnormal lymph node swelling and constant illness and am, currently under invetigation for auto-immune conditions. Any help will be greatly appreciated - thanks

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  • Any green colour in phlegm can denote infection. However, only your doctor can diagnose your condition. If the cough and discoloured phlegm continue perhaps you should go and see your GP again, maybe to have a sample of your phlegm tested?

  • If green is not the normal colour of mucus for you (it is for some of us) and your cough persists, then I would defo agree with auntymary to go back to GP (possibly a different on in the practice) and request a sputum sample. Stress the length of time this has been happening.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Love C xxx

  • Thanks, I hate having to go back and argue with my doctors, I had to fight to get my thyroid tested (turned out I was hypothyroid) and then I spent years miserably ill with intestinal endometriosis before I insisted on seeing a specialist to get diagnosed! Post-hysterectomy I am now constantly ill and once again had to push for auto-immune tests, both of which came back positive, I had a nerve test yesterday which is showing slight damage on the left leg, not sure yet if its been caused by sciatica, I suspect not as it flared up only when I was ill with swollen lymph nodes all over my body, I will know more in March when I have my rheumy review. This cough is a new symptom, its tiring me out and I'm just fed up with having to diagnose myself and fight with my doctor for tests! I was just hoping someone might have info I could take with me so I know what type of tests to ask for, my doctor sure as heck can't be relied on for advice! Thanks for your comments xx

  • Emanuel Maybe another doctor in your practice might be more helpful and easier to talk to. A persistent cough seems to have many causes (mine in the end bronchiectasis, acid reflux, nasal drip and asthma). Lanzaprole (forgive spelling) and red skinned apples helped the reflux, anti-histamines nasal drip and trying to relax and stay calm everything else. I do not think you will be able to do th latter until you are properly diagnosed. Icannot believe I went two years with wrong diagnosis but when you are ill you haven't the strength to argue with the gods of medicene! Take somebody with you to GP to watch your back Katie JJ

  • Thanks Katie, I will do, and I'll try the red apple thing just to see if it improves at all too. : )

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