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Pulmonary Rehab appointment - what happens and what's it about, please?

I have received an appointment to attend an assessment followed by twice weekly visits for six weeks.

Slightly awkward as I work full-time (mostly from home), but I don't know what it's all about or what will happen.

I have COPD (and osteoarthritis) which developed a year ago after I stopped smoking.

Any information would be useful.

Many thanks

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My assessment was mainly walking for 6 minutes so they have something to go on. Mine was weekly. We done one hour physical exercise and one hour learning about lungs, oxygen and other stuff each week. Your exercises are what you yourself can do and not what others are doing.


Oh, thanks. Similar to walking tests I do at the COPD research clinic then. Not so sure about an hours physical exercise! I do walk for about 15 minutes a day - think that is about my limit!


Two videos listed on the following two blogs which will give you an idea:



After your initial assessment its likely there will be an opportunity to ask further questions and possibly you will be informed of the timings and content of the course.



I'm on my fourth week of PR, my nurses have built us up each week, I now walk with weights and use the weights on the mini cycle. Telling people who have lung problems to exercise sounds stupid but I really think it works, and after the PR I have been referred to my local gym they will assess me then it cost £2 a session and I can go as often as I like for 12 weeks, the instructors have been given special training.

Just hope I keep feeling well enough to go.

Good luck with yours



I went along, twice, but due to pain got sent home, but can pass on the basics,

I went on a full 2 or 3 week scheme, which just didnt work.

I then went and had personal 1 on 1, and 1 hour a week in the gym, along with 15 mins with physio before and after. I got tired, but never overtired.

For the Full weeks course ,You all meet, and have a little get to know session, you will then get an assessment of what you are capable of. During the day you will have a physio teach you and take you through exercises that are pertinent to your need. They dont work you too hard, but it is fairly comprehensive.

The main problem I think you will have is working. The 2 courses I had arranged were every day for a period of a few weeks, was quite a long period, but I guess yours will be worked around your situation.

The 1 to 1 was superb, I still have a document with exercises I can do at home, and try my best to do them when I can.

The reports Ive seen, and even the small improvement I noticed are very valuable, you can certainly improve your quality of life thru PR


Thanks for the advice. This, and the video's has given me a clearer idea of what to expect. It's not dissimilar to a couple of research centre sessions I've attended at Nottingham City Hospital Research Unit.

I'm hoping that they can "fit me in" but, tomorrow I will discuss with my boss (Finance Director) who, so far, has been fine about it; but I've never asked for more than a couple of hours off at any one time and I've been able to make the time up in evenings/weekends.

Can't complain really, guess I'm very fortunate that I can work from home most times and, when I go to head office I'm allowed to "do my own thing."

As the supermarket says - "Every little helps!"


Hi I went to PR recently. We always had a COPD nurse there who would talk about lung problems and related issues. We also had a psychologist for a chat too. Sometimes we were shown a video

We then spent about 45 minutes doing simple excercises with an qualified person organising it. After that we had a drink (and biscuit) and a general chat. It lasted about 2 hours.

Bev x


Hi all

I had PR two years ago it worked really well, I've slipped back a bit recently so I am going back to take my maintenance course.


i have been going to pulmonary rehab at our local heart care centre..for about 4weeks now twice a week..as i have osteoarthritus in my leg i cant do the leg excerises so only do upper ones.they monitor you etc.but it has DEFINATLY DONE ME THE WORLD OF GOOD..i am now a beleiver in excercise.and also do it at home...kath xxi was realy poorly before i went there..


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