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My mum suffers from pulmonary cystic fibrosis and is currently on 14litres of oxygen permanently.

Since moving up to a higher dose of oxygen she now has to use a mask instead of a cannula, which can be difficult when she wants to eat, talk on the phone etc and has made her even more self concious in public. Does anyone know of a cannula which can manage an airflow of 14 litres? Air Products etc can't seem to help us and we are struggling for assistance with the local oxygen nurses. Any help or recommendations would be gratefully received! Thanks

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Thanks for the advice, it is really appreciated.


Hi, my dad has IPF and is on anything between 5/6lpm to 12lpm depending if he has to move. When he was in hospital he had to have a mask and hated it. He said it was uncomfortable and blew oxyggen up into his eyes too. And then like you said, trouble eating.

When I spoke to his respiratory nurse she said she would arrange for two concentrators at home with a dual fitting, connecting them together so if he needed more than 12lpm he could still use the concentrator and cannula. It didn't happen as he didn't need it then but maybe you could ask about it.


thanks for the advice, I have passed this onto my mum and she is going to speak to her oxygen nurses today. Thanks again x


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