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Best nebulisers

Hello everyone.

I have bronchiectasis. I nebulise hypertonic saline, then breathing exercises before inhaling nebulised colomycin twice a day. My question is to find out from those of you who perform this routine, what are the best nebulisers? I have been loaned one from the NHS, but it is heavy and noisy and each procedure is very time consuming. I had bought from PARI medical, one of their small, blue electronic nebulisers mainly for holiday travel. Recently, I found it was not working as I thought it should. Unfortunately, the nebuliser is now out of the guarantee period and PARI have brought out a newer version, costing considerably more. See my problem. I need a light, portable machine for going away. Any thoughts should be welcome.

Many thanks, Risotto

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May help you decide.


Stone, Thanks for this. I shall look at the website.


Hello Risotto - I own a MABIS NEB xp nebulizer. It cost approx. $60.00 and it is easy to travel with . Had it for a few years now. You can look the company up on the web. Maureen usa


Maureenjjj, thanks for this. Shall look at the company website.Risotto


I have a mains operated one and I really don't like using it, it is very noisy.

I now have one of these MicroAir U22 Nebuliser from

I must say that I do not need to use it very often as I cope with my inhaler most of the time & use the nebuliser if I have an infection.


You really need to speak to someone like Evergreens as previously mentioned, (they are excellent by the way i use them too), many of the small portable nebulisers wont work with colomycin so your choice will be very limited. Best of luck.


If you nebulise colomycin you can borrow an I-neb from Phillips Respironics. It's small, battery lasts a good 4-6 wks between charges and best of all only takes a couple of mins to neb your colomycin. You can use it for saline and salbutamol too. I've had one about 3 yrs and it's great, so time-saving. You wouldn't want to buy one, they're very very expensive.

Phillips will loan them to NHS patients, in return for your GP agreeing to swap your colomycin for the Promixin brand (exactly the same drug but bit more expensive, not much). So just ask your gp or consultant to contact Phillips and confirm to them he's happy to do that. Alternative you can phone them yourself on 0800 1300 840 and they'll tell you what to do. PM me if you want any more info.

FF x

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My late daughter had a great little nebuliser called 'aeroneb' which can be used with antibiotic meds as well as all else. Very lightweight and ran on AA batteries. Think it might be pricy though. Hope this helps and good luck.


Thanks a lot bluemagic. Best regards.


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