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I have been attending my Doctor for over 2 years now, I have been diagnosed with anemia low red blood count-iron deficancy since 2010.

December 2009 Hospital found a growth in my gall bladder whole lot came out in mid 2010, He has sent me to hospital for over a year now where they have put cameras where I never thought camera's could go, I have had biopsy's from inside part that never knew exsisted and had a full body CT scan.

2011 I was still anemic but they could find no reasn for it, 2011 they thought I had a bleeding ulcer in stomach which they thought might be causing the low red blood count, again camera went in and found 5 growths all removed there and then by lazer.

Came back clear of cancer (caught in time) however unlucky again the CT scan identified the bullouis Emphysema.

Ever since I have had blood tests taken and I'm still anemic, last seen the doc 2 weeks ago where he put me on iron tablets, did say I cant take them as they make me ill.

Anyone got any clue what might be causing the anemia.

Some people have a run of bad luck, over the past 3 years I feel like I've ran a marathon.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, I don't smoke any more and feel great for it.

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There's over 400 types of anemia, your doc should be able to shed some light on the cause with further investigations I am sure, mean time, this page is an interesting read:

Glad you are enjoying being smoke free hopefully you are breathing easy too.

A relief to find you are cancer free, its troubling when a reason for a problem cannot yet be determined.

Hope you get to the bottom of the anemia problem. Take care.


Hi and thanks, they have explored everything, I keep getting full blood counts and every other blood test, all comes back fine apart from the low red blood count, iron deficincy.

The doc said it's good they cant't identify anthing even the CT scan came back fine apart from the bullouis emphysema.

My diet is fine with most of the right things so guess I must have an iron shortage.



Have you been prescribed iron supplementation for the iron deficiency?

Maybe that is what needs addressing, iron deficiency being the cause of your Anemia as you mention above.

Check out this page:

Scroll down that page to the video on managing iron deficiency anemia.

Perhaps your doc can refer you to a dietician also to help your body get the foods that are going to help you absorb iron for the blood to make it red blood cells. Worth a shot.


Hi Anemic. I dont have anything to add except (and excuse me if I am insulting your intelligence) are you making sure you are eating lots of iron rich foods like leafy green veg etc? Im sure its not the root cause of your illness but it can only help.

Bev x


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