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Conrad and Basil

Some of you might have read my earlier blog this week about looking at the good in your life, and realising that there are others who are always worse off. In my blog I brought up a homeless gentleman called "Conrad" and his dog "Basil.

For those of you who are interested, I went home made a few phone calls and wrote a few emails, and as a result have managed to get "Basil," some paid for vet care thanks to the support of my local RSPCA branch. After these phone calls etc, I went out Thursday looking for them both, was unable to locate them but left messages with a local beat Police CSO, the homeless drop in centre, and some of his social circle. My messages worked and came upon Conrad and Basil yesterday and the dog was going to a local vet last night to get treated.

During the course of my actions, I have met some lovely people, done a couple of hours volunteering at my local RSPCA shop due to being short staffed, and left my name with the homeless drop in centre with an offer to become a "Befriender." Which I hope they take me up on my offer because 1: I would like to start using my current studies to benefit someone else and 2: Need more structure in my daily life, that doesn't involve a computer.

Oh well busy weekend ahead, 15 hours of study time to find, because I am going away to Cornwall for a few days next week and I will be damned if I am taking the study books and netbook with me. And some volunteering for the RSPCA at a Cider Festival in Hereford. Sounds good, but no I won't be partaking in sampling the local fare, well not at least on duty.

Hugs to Everyone Daxiemad, and Lottielou with a poorly paw 8)

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I saw your blog on this Daxie and "Basil the dog" has already benefited by your actions-great work!

As always a case of if you want something done ask a busy person. Have a good break in Cornwall (have always wanted to visit there) and thank heavens there are people like you and dogs like Lottie around. x

Let us know how you fare in Cornwall and the cider festival of course!


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