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a clinical trial to ascertain the best long-term antibiotic for copd

I don't know if this has been posted already, but this trial is recruiting participants and may be of interest to some of you with COPD who are within reasonable travelling distance. I have bronchiectasis, not COPD, & anyway am already taking long-term antibiotics, so can't take part.


The trial is using drugs which are already well-established. If you're interested you just need to email the guy listed under "Contacts & Locations"

FF x

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fairyfootsteps I am like you and have bronchiectasis, just wish I could take part in such a trial.

This one may have gone past the application stage as it's been around for over a year if I remember right. It was based in London, so a bit too far for me.

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Shame it's too far for you pet, it's still recruiting though. Do the breathe-easy groups keep people posted about new trials I wonder? I think they should. It's not as if they'd be recommending people join in, just giving the info. I benefited greatly from a trial a few years ago, best thing I ever did

love, FF x

I commend you Miss Fairyfootsteps for your tireless efforts in informing and helping not only us bronchs, but everyone with lung disease from cf to copd. You are one of the 'doers' of this world.


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Awww, thanks sweetie! I love my laptop and when I get time to myself (which since I retired is LESS often than ever!) I am always tap-tapping away, the internet is a wondrous source of information. Running down new therapies etc is my new hobby, keeps me out of mischief. I think this trial looks a good one, will be interesting to find out if there's anything which works even better than good old azithromycin for copd-ers xxx

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ps fairyfootsteps is my other nickname, it's an ironic one as I'm known for being exceptionally clumsy :)

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