something to celebrate!!

hi everybody, not written on here for a while- nothing wrong just didnt feel like saying anything but have been reading everybodys blogs. Anyway had some news yesterday which i have to admit was a little bit of a shock!! I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER !!!! Still think i am far too young for this event !! lol Spoke to my ex husband last night - hes happy hes going to be a grandad - he said i`d have to be a yummy granny!! (quite a nice compliment from an ex !!) The baby is due the end of april so lots of time to get the knitting needles clacking - my daughter-in-law (theyre not actually married but shes as good as) is pleased about that because she thinks my knitting is amazing (she obviously doesnt know any other knitters lol) i did some knitting for a friend of my sons who was expecting a happy event and shes asked me if i will do lots of baby things for them. So something to celebrate at last and i am happy about it - honest sandra xx and the sun is shining

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congrats, a grandchild is a wonderful gift, I remember falling in love in with my first grandchild 25 years ago, and all the other 8 since. They give you a reason to carry on, enjoy xxx

thank you amagran sandra xx

Congratulations. We adore ours. He is 21 months old and a real joy.

Lynne x

thanks lynne

Congratulations tyran ! That's lovely news. I feel a teeny tiny bit envious. I think I'll be about 110 years old by the time any of my three children get around to babies. x

i never thought i`d ever be a grandmother i couldnt see any of them having kids i shouldve guessed it would be my middle son first he does everything first-- uni - girlfriend - leaving home - driving test dont give up hope though you never know !!!

sorry terri-rose i forgot to say thank you for your congrats so thank you

Ah great :) x

thanks valm

What wonderful news, is this your first time? I have 2 granddaughters (19 and 5) and its a feeling you can't describe, you are in for such a treat. :D

thanks gillyj yes first grandchild

That's lovely news. Congratulations.

thanks auntymary

Wonderful news, we have 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild and 1 expected November.

Congratulations tyran57. So happy for you :) x

Lots to look forward to :)

Congratulations tyran57 and the happy couple, it's wonderful news I've got 3 granddaughters Helen's 18 she's my step-granddaughter but we've known her since she was 6 weeks old and love her the same as our others ,Emma-Jayne is 15 they're both my eldest sons, then my daughter and her hubby had our "Lil Monster" Meghan she's now 5 going on 50. Time flies and both my hubby and myself are glad we are still young enough to enjoy them.

Congratulations! I have 7 grandchildren and another due on 30th. I was actually at the birth of the first he is 19 now I will never forget it neither will you. So enjoy every moment. Take care. :) :)

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