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Covid post Birthday Celebrations

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Hi everyone, well after all the shielding and being so careful Covid has finally caught me. Last Sunday I was taken out for a wonderful birthday lunch with all the family, so that's where I caught it. I'm feeling fine, I'm coughing much more, mucus production increased and some chest tightness. (I have bronchiectasis and asthma.) I obviously have my emergency supply of antibiotics but I assume these won't help me as this is a virus. I just wondered what other BX sufferers have done or would do in this situation. Since being diagnosed 3 years ago this will be the first infection of any kind I've experienced.

Thank you everyone.

22 Replies
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I'm sure that covid waited for us shielders to venture out! I found that rest, paracetamol, cough medicine and vicks helped me through it.

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That's the thing viruses wait to find you and things like regular colds and flu haven't gone away!

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Oh dear, I hope it stays bearable. Just to note that yes, covid is a virus however, the lung mucus can easily grow a bacterial infection needing your antibiotics. Keep a eye on the colour of your sputum, the amount and your temperature .

Good luck - I'm testing intermittently as I spent time with family last weekend & the next day one of my kids was pole-axed with covid 🙄

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I agree wit peege- 1st sign of infection,start them.always 14 days antibiotics for increase puffers for asthma too,if need to

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I have severe asthma and ended up with a chest infection alongside covid. Keep an eye on things just in case! Hope you feel better soon!

Dee 🌺

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Oh dear! The dreaded covid is still striking! As soon as I see a change in my sputum or recognise a difference in my cough, then I start the antibiotics straight away. All that extra mucus is a prime breeding ground for bacteria to grow quickly....very quickly. Stay alert to any change. Wishing you a speedy recovery

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Hello Liz Don't hesitate with your conditions of Asthma and Bronchiectasis especially with this horrible Covid just make sure your getting mucus up and your breathing is under control. If you don't feel well get in touch with the doctors or 111. It's a clever bug or virus just waiting for us people with respiratory illnesses to hide in our lungs Take good care xx

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I thought I had covid some months ago but this was dispelled when I took an LFT. Antibiotics worked well but was under par for weeks and was glad I wasn't admitted to hospital. Have you had an LFT?

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Yes took test on Saturday.

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I also have asthma and bronchiectasis and had a positive covid test on Saturday 4th. So far symptoms are quite mild and less severe than another bug I picked up about two weeks ago. That immediately increased my lung congestion and I'm still on antibiotics for that infection. My impression is that the effects of COVID are very variable, and my wife, who is hardly ever ill, seems to be slightly worse than I am on this occasion.

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I found the covid to be milder than a chest infection which I had just before the covid. Rest. Plenty of fluids and a healthy diet. X

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Like you I have Bronchiectasis & was caught out in March. Felt like mild flu to me & chest was a bit more irritated than usual but I was fine. In a way a relief to know I would be OK. Good luck! X

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I too caught covid at my birthday lunch. I became unwell 2 days later but didn’t test positive until day 4. I had high temp, hacking cough running along side my productive cough, headache, completely blocked sinuses and sore throat. In my experience With bronchiectasis I can’t get a virus without it turning into a secondary bacterial infection. If you become concerned you might be best to phone you gp or resp team. Don’t expect a quick response from 111. As My last sample at clinic showed up pseudo they were expecting me to phone when I felt unwell enough, to do home IVs. I phoned a cf nurse and she spoke to one of the cons. They had a bed and asked me to come in within the hour as they didn’t think (and they were correct) I was well enough to do IVs at home and do everything else you have to do at home. I had 3 strAins of pseodo As well as covid. As I have a port they were able to get cracking straight away.

Please keep a close eye on covid and when to take abs and get advice early. Experiences with covid as you will know varies. I am still having problems nearly 1 month on but I know some folks who have sailed through it and I sincerely hope it will be the case for you.


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Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, I will be vigilant and seek advice if needed as you suggest. I do hope you feel fully fit very soon.

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Hope that you feel better soon.

LizPat30 profile image
LizPat30 in reply to Cloudancer

Thank you

Qr83k_-Jd profile image

I am quite new here as well. I offer my thoughts are definitely with you. I don't know about bx so I can't be much help there. I do think it is a terrible shame you caught covid especially on your birthday. I do sympathize with you. I like you was shielding and being very careful but it happens. I'm so sorry that it has happened to you. At least you have been vaccinated and your symptoms are relatively mild and that's a godsend. I would like to wish you well and my thoughts are with you. Sorry I wasn't much help to you.

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LizPat30 in reply to Qr83k_-Jd

Thank you for caring xxx

Qr83k_-Jd profile image

That's ok

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I took my abs when I got a positive test just to be on the safe side. Hope your ok soon.

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LizPat30 in reply to Kristicats

Thanks Kristicats, I'm actually feeling pretty good. I think I've been lucky.

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Kristicats in reply to LizPat30

Hopefully it was a low load you had.🤞

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