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Celebrating -nasties have gone!

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After several weeks of strong antibiotics, told pseudomonas etc has gone, no further action, three cheers! Now I have to get over tiredness caused by them, and hopefully go out in Jag when feel ok. Yes Jag has replacement seat belt lock, passed its MOT. Now going to Nebulise, always things to keep me busy, as sure every one else has! Best regards, Jean x

20 Replies
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Congratulations! what antibiotics you took? I am currently on ceftazidime iv along with cipro 750

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Morrison10 in reply to Sufferer197104

Azithromycin, Septrin Forte, and Ciproxin 750. I’ve had six courses of iv ceftazidmine, didn’t get rid of nasties so took two oral antibiotics simultaneously, whilst on holiday on motorbike in Scottish highlands, think clear air helped, didn’t have to have any a.b.for 8 months afterwards, damaged liver but that healed itself. That was 15 years ago, Consultant doesn’t want me to do it again. Had iv antibiotics at home this summer, cleared lungs for 5 weeks, but upset my balance. Nurses coming to do it didn’t give me information leaflet about antibiotics, found one afterwards that listed balance issues amongst side effects. Will know got to insist on seeing leaflet next time. Best wishes, Jean x

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Morrison10

Thats alot! I hope mine go away with the combo of ceftazidime and cipro. Best wishes!

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Morrison10 in reply to Sufferer197104

it’s interesting that you are taking Ciproxin at same time as ceftazidime, I.e. one oral and one i.v. Will keep this in mind and discuss with consultant when have next review. I did my own i.v. at home with help from late husband. Hope you have help, and soon better. Jean x

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Morrison10

Yeah! Please do tell me your consultants view on this combination. My doc told me to hit it hard in the first time so that it goes away. I have also been doing my iv on my own with the help of my parents. I am 18 though🙂. Cheers

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Morrison10 in reply to Sufferer197104

Good grief, your doctor sounds interesting. I take it you had a sputum test that showed pseudomonas and or other nasties. As I was born in 1935 with PCD, when during war slept in cold damp air raid shelter, had lots of chest issues, colds etc and at 11 had pneumonia etc. Wasn’t until 31 that finally diagnosed with PCD and bronchiectasis. First antibiotics at 26 when had pleurisy worked like magic. So now you know my history. Yes will discuss with my respiratory consultant merits of your combination, has your doctor mention referring you to a consultant, think ought! Best wishes, Jean x

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Great news Jean. Wishing you well. Xxx❤️🥰

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Morrison10 in reply to sassy59

thanks, looking forward to feeling better, antibiotics so very lowering. Best wishes, Jean and Morrison x

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Good news Jean. I hope that you stay infection free and enjoy your jaunt in the Jag xx

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🍾🥳💐great news and let’s hope remnants of antibiotics keeps the nasties away for a little while as well.

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This is great news Jean, hope you get to have a ride out in your Jag whilst the weather is still holding but do rest up when you can x

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🥳 hooray Jean. Hope your tiredness soon gets less. Something to look forward to- your outing in the jag! Xx

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well done. Congratulations on getting rid of pseudomonas. I understand they can be difficult to clear up so very good news. Whenever anyone mentions Jag i always think of the one inspector Morse used to drive. Have some pleasants journeys now.

Take care 👍👍😊

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well done

like the idea of going for a ride in Jag to celebrate

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Hi Jean.

So pleased to hear you have conquered the pseudo infection. I have just had 14 days in hospital for IV Ceftazidine, but seeing your reply to Sufferer that it didn't work for you has me worried!! Unfortunately I can't take Cipro so not a lot left. Did you find Septrin forte useful?

I must wish you a very enjoyable trip out when you get the Jaguar on the road xxx

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Morrison10 in reply to HollyBoyd

Hi, yes Septrin Forte helps me x

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Sufferer197104 in reply to HollyBoyd

hey. Did you repeat sputum culture?

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HollyBoyd in reply to Sufferer197104

Not a yet, will do in next couple of weeks.

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Wow! Amazing👍. Wish I could tolerate antibis like that. Good luck! X

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