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Could someone please answer the following for me please,

Do I have to buy my own nebuliser and portable nebuliser.

Do I need to see my GP first

Do I get the Salamol? on prescription

Do I use to same precribed Salamol for both nebulisers

I know this should be in the Questions section but when I try and send it I get sent to an Oops Page !


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Hi Libby got mine from the 02 nurse at the hospital, she will say what nebules you need I use ventolin 2.5 and saline through the nebuliser. Think you will need to buy a portable nebuliser though to use when you are out Val


Got my nebuliser from Evergreen as the hospital wanted their's back. You do need to check with your GP first as they will have to give you the prescription for the nebules. It is the same regardless of which neb you get. My neb can work off the electricity when I'm at home and it also has a battery and a car lead so I can use it when I'm out so I only need the one machine.


I was loaned a nebuliser but this was only temporary until I bought my own. Speak to your respiratory nurse. They will advice you where you can buy them. I bought mine in a local shop and they didn't charge me VAT.

You should only get a nebuliser if you have been told you will need to use one. My Salbutamol is on prescription only so I assume that you can't buy this over the counter (although I have never tried!).

I sue the same salbutamol for both nebulisers, infact its nearly always a different brand I get for each prescription.

As Val suggests, speak to either your GP, consultant or respiratory nurse. You don't have to have two nebulisers - I just have a travel one because I do a lot of travelling and they can be a pain to lug about.



Having trouble with this blog page today.

Anyway thankyou Val and Marie for your comments, I am well informed now. Can see I need to speak to the surgery resp. nurse.



My nebuliser is supplied by my GP's surgery, and the solution is on repeat prescription, I only have the one which I use at home I use a salbutamol inhaller as a reliever while out. My nebuliser is serviced by the local health authority once a year and I am lent one by the surgery while it away as it is all done through them.


Thankyou Carole for your information, the more I have the better to face my doctor



Brought my nebuliser from Amazon . Yes the salbutamol has to be provided on prescription. But I have never had a problem with that. You don't need to inform you doctor you are buying one. Although it might be worth mentioning you are buying one and make sure he agrees with providing the Salbutamol.


Hi Libbygood

I was 'loaned' my nebuliser from the hospital through my conusltant - which really means it's permanent and my neb medication regime was in a treatment plan sent to my GP, so I just get the meds on prescription. I neb bronchodilator, saline 0.9% and somethimes hyprtonic 7%.

You might want to ask your consultant or respiratory nurse, as the benefit of having a neb from the hospital is that annually they are checked over or replaced. Usually I ring up if I have an appointment at the hosp and someone from the equipment pool usually meets me and we do an exchange of similar nebs - it's like one of those movies where they pick up similar suitcases - one usually full of dosh! Although I believe they come to your home if necessary. They also supply new tubing, cups and mask or mouthpiece annually too. Amazing service.

You would have to buy a portable nebuliser yourself but as already said check out if you can get a medical equipment VAT exemption - will save you a little.

You should be able to use bronchodilator in both.

Good luck



I approached to get a nebuliser for free, after being advised to get one by an ambulance service paramedic. They needed a letter from my GP stating the reason why I needed the nebuliser, after which the nebuliser was delivered to me. I now get the Salbutamol and Saline solution on repeat prescription from the GP.


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