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almost packed!

haven't been able to get near the PC all day as been very busy!

I went to see my GP today, after the last time when he "code red" ed me to the hospital with pneumonia, I was a litttle anxious, but he was lovely and gave me the repeat prescription I needed, even found me a gastric- coated version of pregnisolone, which hopefully will stop me feeling so sick when I take them. He's quite an old fashioned chap and always calls me "dear lady" which I rather like :-)

My bathroom is all plumbed and being panelled and painted on Monday...we are going to be sooo posh and no more going upstairs to wash my hair...heaven!!!

The car is almost packed....I'm going to make a monster picnic in the morning which we are planning on scoffing at Sizburgh Castle, making the most of the National Trust Membership which was a 20th anniversary gift from Mum.

The boys will be set to moving the furniture from our bedroom so our builder/ decoraters can give it a new lease of life while we are away.

Hope everyone has a super-duper week, will good air quality and no stress, I wont be able to post while I'm away so see ya all next weekend!!

Mrs S xxxx

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Hope you have a good time :)

thanks Val :-)

Have a superduperfantastic time Mrs. Shimmy :)

Have a lovely time!

Have a fantastic time x


have a relaxing time while your away....

Enjoy Yourselves

Have a wonderful break and enjoy...xx

Enjoy it .weall need a break of some kind now and then.Richard C

Hope u have a great break,i am of to Kent to stay with family may be my last holliday but my wife is in need of a holl more than me ,we have to make each day count more and more ,i hope you have many more hours in the garden and enjoy each and everyone to the full

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