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COME BACK GORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well my dear you can see how many friends have posted on your Bye blog imploring you not to leave. Man, you're so popular and so well-loved, you just CAN'T leave!

I don't post often but have read a lot of your stuff and you're always so kind and helpful to others. A real asset to the site.

Please please reconsider. We all have days when we can rise above hurtful comments and then there are days when it gets too much and you want to delete yourself and all your stuff from the site and hide away.

We understand this is what happened, but please, today, re-think and re-join, stronger and more Gordon-y than ever. Say a cyber **** ***!!! to nasty-minded people, they're just billy-no-mates who want to make others miserable. Pathetic. If we let such people drive you away, they've won.

And let's all from now on follow the mod's advice - IGNORE unhelpful comments, and REPORT them straightaway. If it's the weekend, carry on ignoring and then report on Monday. People like that are just overgrown school bullies, they hate being ignored.


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people who say derogatory things online are cyber bullies who in real life would probably hide from a spider, so take no notice and give them the only thing they are worthy of, which is indifference. yes gordon,,you give good input on the site.


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