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wednesday aleady?????

where is this week going???

think my pc had heatstroke yesterday as it wouldn't let me play! it's behaving so far today :-)

having a good week so far, although the heat is making me a bit breathless but at least I'm not working much so I can put my feet up when I need to.

Had a good laugh today meeting up with some ex students (adults) for a coffee, they both late 60's and as bonkers as they come so it was a hoot and a half!!

My lovely boys are painting my new kitchen shelves so I'm keeping well away from the paint fumes...they doing a good job!

No:1 son is off on his adventures on Friday so just been to get him some biscuits and sweets to keep him going...I don't think his spending money will go far in Switzerland! He's looking very organised, which probably means he's forgotten something really important.......??

I'm meeting up with my boss next week, I need to stike a balance between, fit to come back in September, and can I have a parking space very near my classroom.....he's pretty considerate so I think he'll be ok. He's said he'll have the kettle on...I've been working for him for 5 ye3ars now and this will be the 2nd brew he's made me lol!!!

hope you are all having a good day today,

Mrs S xx

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A lot cooler here today was raining first thing, hope you get things sorted with returning to work Val x

thanks Val, I'm pretty sure it will get sorted, we dont go back til September anyway so loads of time to iron out the niggles!!

its supposed to rain here later so might get fresher.....I'm trying really hard not to moan about the warm weather after all the rain we've had! ;-)

I know it was really stuffy here the other day, hard on the breathing Val

My daughter just got back from Spain and though it was far hotter there, she said it was far more bearable than it is here, actually, it was no problem, the heat in northern countries often seems to be so close doesn't it.

true, I'm hoping to get to the coast over the weekend, just for a day trip, but some good old fashioned sea air sounds good to me (probably means rain over weekend lol)

Hope all works out for you. Work and all.

Its baking hot down south, out early this morning back early, in the cool inside till early evening then out again. Breathing ok if I do this, hotter and more humid it gets more difficult I find.

Enjoy your time at the coast.

thanks, we off to Southport for a stroll along the prom, prom, prom!

Hi Mrs s, very hot and humid here in the south east, breathing very difficult and tiring! but hey lovely to see the sun at last n today is suppose to be last day before rain sets in for the wkend! went to the coast with kids on sunday sea air was lovely so much easier to breathe. Just reading your week tires me out lol but good on you sounds lovely your getting out and about so much xx

Nice warm day here today and I am trying to get hubby to take things easy but I may as well talk to the cat! It is being cantankerous and awkward that keeps him going I think so fair enough! The weeks are flying by here because of our grandson (6 weeks old on Sunday). He is just amazing and keeping us busy! Bless him! Stay well everyone.

Oh dear, hope it freshens up soon

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