I applied for DLA March/April 2012 for arthritas/spindolitas I use a stick to walk also registered deaf/severe depression

see Chronic Pain Team/have poor balance due to mastoidectomy/have trouble with bathing getting in and out of bath/incontinence wear towel 24/7 due to small bladder/extreme fatigue I got turned down! I have just under gone minor surgery for 2 skin cancers waiting for biopsy results now been diagnosed with COPD shall I try again?

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  • Sorry to hear that mackem. Did you appeal? According to stats i read 38pc of appeals are successful. Yes i think you should try again. best of luck x

  • Thanks for that I do feel at the moment that everything is been thrown at me and I am not 60 yet! I did not appeal at the time as I find filling in forms quite daunting but I will now try againx

  • Thank you hypercat I am going to appeal it is great been able to talk to people in the same boat x

  • Thank you Gordon57 for all that info x

  • hi, when i first applied for dla i was turned down i appealed and went to a tribunal -- i won on the care part but was turned down for the mobility as my mobility had got worse since i`d filled out the forms they told me to apply for the mobility part again i did and got it straight away i`m now going to appeal for my benefits dont give up keep applying and appealing you`ll get there in the end although i admit sometimes i feel all i ever do is fight for things -- strange there was no fight over all the tax and ni i paid while working!! good luck sandra

  • Hi Sandra yes I feel the same way about having tto fight for everything and having to stand my daughters case for 38 years as she is disabled I have felt I have banged my head on a wall so many times x

  • Great to join the group and speak to other people I didn' know one could email the cab x

  • Hi Mackem the best way for you to go is to telephone dla line and get a profesional benifits

    pearson to come out to you and they will allso be uptodate with your case you may have to wate a little wile for them depending on demand they will allso they will appeal for you if this is the best option they are part of benefitts agency but operate as adviser.they are exsperts in filling in these forms when i had mine done they asked questions that i never thought of to support my claime I GT IT

  • Hi Mackem

    Sorry you have this to deal with along with everything else. Please please please don't give up and please please please get in touch with either CAB, Welfare Rights or DIAL. They will help you to fill stuff in and advise you. Whilst being truthful they know the type of things to put about your daily life which you may find either too trivial or too embarrasing to put. They will also help you with an appeal. It really doesn't take them long and it will take so much pressure away from you. From what you say this appears to be a very unjust decision. Don't delay.

    Good luck sweet.


  • Hi cofdrop love your name I live on cough sweets thamk you for info x

  • keep trying, it took me 19 months but i fought tooth and nail 2 get mine. i have arthritis in ny neck a trapped nerve c6 and c7. also got it in the bottom of my spine. i cant walk far due 2 the pain, so i got about on my scooter. which is a total life saver. i also have it in my left shoulder and left hand. i also struggle 2 get in and out the bath. its all these people who r kidden on they r ill thats given people like ourselfs a bad name. so keep on trying. please

  • Thank you for the advise I did have to give up driving my car as the numbness in finger hands and legs and feet infact couldnt feel what pedal my foot was on at times it was automatic so that was good now I have to hobble to bus stop and that costs a fortune x

  • Hi mackem

    Next time you fill out your next try go to your local citizens advice offices as they have the right people to help complete these forms,it was the only way i managed to fill in my application which myself and two experts two and a half hours to complete with the right outcome.

  • Thank you for your advise and everyone else who has replied to me I have never done this before so glad I have x

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