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Hi. This is me!! Julia

I am Asthmatic. I was diagnosed with COPD in 2005. I probably had it a lot longer. as being breathless was the norm for me for as long as i can remember. Never noticed it getting worse. But in 2005 i got a chest infection that just wouldn't clear up. Also i lost my voice. GP referred me to ENT as they were thinking throat cancer. Regained my voice after about 3mths. But it has been very hoarse ever since.

I am a smoker. Have tried numerous times to give up. Without success. Have been smoking since the age of 13 40yrs altogether about 30 a day! I am far from proud of it. I wish that there was a magic wand that would stop me. I just don't have the will anymore.

I have been diagnosed as being disabled now for the past 2yrs. I tend not to go out as often as i should as i hate the way it makes me feel when i get breathless. Gasping for air at times. There have been a few times recently when i have thought it was the last breath i would take. It seems to last a lot longer of late.

I take Ventolin, Seratide and Spiriva.

I was only referred to the Respiratory team at the hospital last October Where i saw the consultant. He arranged for the respiratory nurse to call at my home for 2 visits only! She advised against having a nebuliser at home as they are afraid that people will use it all the time then it will not work when it is really needed!! Currently Was hospitalised yesterday by GP. Sent home after treatment.

Consultant cancelled appt Given a new one in Oct. That will be a year since the last appt.

I am not working. I am on ESA and DLA. Was refused twice for DLA Appealed after the 2nd attempt and won on the appeal. My local disability advice centre helped to fill in the 2nd form and Appeal form. They were brilliant. They also prepaired me for the appeal. Julia

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Hi there I thought I could never give up smoking loved my tabs ha ha, got to the stage off work all the time with infections so thought in for a penny in for a pound managed to evetually stop 6 year ago. I still put the money away £30 a week my dippy jar it's there for when I want anything, don't know how many times I had previously tried but got there in the end. Val


Thanks for those encouraging words Val. I'm not going to give in trying. Will try again. Have you had many infections since giving up? Julia x


I didn't have any for ages after, but this last year have had loads, just came out of hospital been on IV antibiotics plus oral ones now. Off work hoping to get back the week after next all depending on my breathing. This is a great site for info or if you want to ask questions Val


Thanks again Val. I will keep you updated about the smoking. Hope you feel better soon. I know only to well how you are feeling. It really gets me down. If only i listened to my dad!! But i knew best lol x


Thanks Stitch for that encouragement. It means so much to me that there are people out there that understand the struggle of giving up. Every smoke i have i feel guilty so don't really enjoy them as much as i did. Thanks again for the support. I keep getting told that i should pick a quit date. But how do you do that. Surely it is best just to quit. I will keep you all informed on how i go. Thanks again. Julia



The idea of not smoking is a good idea even if you are healthy there is always a risk

Self help & maintenance of a chronic condition should be a great idea but in my own personal experience doesn’t do you any favours nor does being totally honest.

I do not blame the legislation more the way its implemented and sometimes high handed attitude of those making decisions.

In my county the department charged with issuing blue badges/renewal are taking so long that people (even in wheelchairs) are being left unable to use their out of date badges whilst wating for replacements, no concessions are in place to enable these people to access shops during this period. Do the authorities think a disability goes on hold whilst they sit in their ivory towers doing their 9 -5 jobs five days a week.

We don’t treat prisoners with such contempt. What is happening to this country?



My blue badge ran out. I hadn't realised it at the time 2 days out of date and i went shopping. came back to the car to a £30 fine :(



No chance at all. It was the 1st badge i have had and didn't even realise that it was only valid for 3yrs. My own fault for not reading up on it.


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