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New to this positive and helpful forum.,


Hello, I’ve just joined and am pleasantly surprised how kind, positive and helpful the posts are. I’ve COPD and since February 2020 have benefitted from an inhaler. Usually active and healthy but was worrying about a future with COPD. Reading such encouraging comments I feel more positive and optimistic. Thank you. 🤗

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Hi there. Good to know that you feel better for having joined our forum. There is a wealth of knowledge here and I have learned a great deal since I became a member. There is also lots of light hearted fun and a great variety of non lung related topics to brighten the day.

Lupino in reply to CDPO16

Hello CDP016,Thanks for your reply. Feeling better and less isolated. Stay well and safe.

Hello welcome 😊 Lupino

Lupino in reply to MELNEL

Hello MELNEL, lovely to hear from you and thank you. Stay safe and well. 🤗

Hello and welcome to the forum. Lots of very nice people here to help and support! 😁

Lupino in reply to Annie31

Thank you, Annie 31. It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Many good wishes . 🤗

Welcome to the forum Lupino. I’m carer for my husband Pete who has COPD, sarcoidosis and heart disease. We’re shielding and doing well.

Nice to meet you. Xxx

Lupino in reply to sassy59

Lovely to hear from you, sassy59. You sound like a great married team. Hopefully you’ve had or will soon have the vaccine. Stay safe and well. x

Hi Lupino. Welcome to what is definitely the right place! I tend to drop in and out of here depending on what else is going on in life but the lovely folk here have got me through some very hard times. So pleased you're finding it helpful already. xx

Lupino in reply to Artichokes

Hello Artichokes, What a great name! Thank you for your welcome and friendly post. Stay safe and well. xx

Artichokes in reply to Lupino

I used to grow hundreds of them on my allotment! Love them.

Hello Lupino 😊Hope you find lots of support and useful information here& a giggle along the way.


Lupino in reply to madonbrew

Hello madonbrew, Thankyou for your welcome. Your forum would seem to have a desire to be positive in the face of health challenges. The best way to be. Take care. 🤗

madonbrew in reply to Lupino

We really do help each other through! Even though we have varying lung conditions and added extras, it’s a great place to be! 😊

Alberta56 in reply to madonbrew

I love 'added extras'.😂😂😂

madonbrew in reply to Alberta56

They’re just for fun 🤩🙄

Hello and welcome 😊

Hello HungryHufflepuff, So good to hear from you and thank you for your welcome. 🤗

Welcome to this forum. It is very friendly, informative, but above all supportive.All the best


Lupino in reply to Katinka46

Hello Katinka46, Your friendly welcome is most appreciated. Stay safe and well.🤗

My triple diagnosis of COPD, asthma and bronchiectasis had me thinking I wasn't long for this world.

Then I found this site and discovered people who have been living fulfilling, happy lives with these conditions for years.

I look in here most days for fun, companionship, support and advice. It's a lovely group and very open and welcoming to new members.

Look forward to hearing more from you. Xx Moy

Lupino in reply to MoyB

Hello Moy, Thank you for your welcome post. I’m quietly and pleasantly surprised as to how positive and friendly people are. It’s infectious! X 😊

Welcome Lupino, I am a newby as well. Everyone seems very friendly and helpful. x

pegbl in reply to Maggity

Welcome to the forum Maggity. Xxx

Lupino in reply to Maggity

Hello Maggity, Welcome to you too. It seems we have found a lovely forum. x

Hi Lupino, and welcome. There are loads of really supportive people on here and I look forward every morning to my daily read of the posts and the occasional post myself. John

Lupino in reply to johnderby

Thank you for your welcome, John. I feel safer now belonging to the forum. Stay safe.

Hello and welcome. You must feel like I did when I joined last September. Here are people who UNDERSTAND. xxx

Lupino in reply to Alberta56

Hello Alberta56, Thank you for your welcome. Stay safe. x

Welcome Lupino!I found this group after my Bronchiestasis diagnosis 2,5 years ago - such a lovely group with lots of support, friendliness, knowledge & advice between all the members.

And funny jokes & poems from our resident poetry master Don-1931 of course !

Lupino in reply to Rattle

Thank you, Rattle, for your welcome. The resilience of many seems to help others. Take care. 🤗


Hello and welcome to the forum so nice to meet you. Hope you post regular and join in the conversations. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Lupino in reply to Damon1864

Hello Bernadette and Jack, Thank you for your much appreciated welcome. Stay safe and well. 🤗xx

WelcomeLupino! I found these wonderful people after being diagnosed with COPD last month. They have helped calm my fears and have been my source of information and plenty of humor also. Have a wonderful day 😊

Lupino in reply to Solily

Hello Solily, You’re right, comments from friendly forum members has allayed worries and given hope. Have a good weekend. 😊

Hello and welcome Lupino , I’m actually a carer for my husband who was diagnosed with copd 16 years ago , he’s 73 now , we ve had a few stressful spells but he’s still pretty active , still loves his diy though he’s given up knocking walls down ( which is not necessarily a bad thing 😂 ) Right now he is making organic biscuits for our dogs and planning a new exercise routine so that he’s raring to go when lockdown ends - give him a nebuliser and a potable oxygen cylinder and he’s good to go 😃

Hello Thepainterswife, Lovely to hear from you. You both sound very well occupied with your understanding and support. The organic biscuits just have to be tested by humans first! We help with fundraising for the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People but don’t have a dog any more. Take care. 🤗

welcome to this group lupino lots of lovely people in this group with good advice

Lupino in reply to Deno88

Hello Deno88, Thank you for your friendly welcome. Stay well and safe. 🤗

Hello and welcome Lupino.

Lupino in reply to Dedalus

Hello Dedalus, Lovely to hear from you and to be part of the welcoming forum. 🤗

Hi Lupino , I joined fairly recently & it’s such a reassuring Group of People who are happy to answer & help with any questions you ask ..

Lupino in reply to Spoticus

So good to hear from you, Spoticus. Also glad that you’ve found reassurance and comfort. Take care. 😊

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