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Covid vaccine BNT162b2


My wife got vaccinated today I read the leaflet on side effects. You are warned if you have blood thinners it want interact. This is the Pfizer vaccine. Does anyone have any knowledge of the Oxford vaccine if Rivaoxaban will be ok. an update on my lung condition I had another ct scan in November and my left lung had improved. But my right clots have not. Another scan in May. Feel ok accept when going up hills on my bike especially in a group ride. In Covid restrictions. Obeyed the rules. So thanks for comments before.

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Does this mean the vaccine will not do as it shpiold and protect you , or does it mean it will not cause anaphylactic shock?

It says in warnings that to talk to a doctor if you have. A bleeding problem of you are on medicine that inhibits. Bleeding

Thanks that was quick . Tried to reply but it wouldn't go . Hope you don't get two replies from me i understand now This is not a deep injection so shouldnt be a problem ? I think they were just covering themselves but a friend had hers refused because she did not have a letter from her doctor with her. That was at the hospital who arranged the appointment for her.. . She is not on thinners but has heart problem. I do think we all need all the info we can get. I am on thinners and had no problem with the flu jab injection but some nurses are better than others and cause le ss trauma.

Thank you for this post, I am on blood thinners so I need to check this with my doctor.

Yes I would advise any one on blood thinners or those who need clotting to contact a Doctor.

My neighbour had astrazeneca vaccination yesterday.He was given a four page information pamphlet

It Says

Tell your doctor, pharmacist or nurse before vaccination,

If you have a problem with bleeding or bruising


If you are taking blood thinning medicine ( anticoagulant)

Question answered.

Thanks then it is the same. Thanks Littlepom

I get bruises every time they jab or bleed me so I will tell them but guess they will go ahead.

I do when they stick needles in. Cannulas there the best.

I have looked at the specialist pharmacist site. It says that the covid vaccination can be given to patients who are stable on the modern anticoagulants such as rivaroxaban. For warfarin, a fine needle and two minutes post injection pressure to prevent a muscular haematoma are required. I hope that helped.

That is Brilliant. I was trying to look for 😀such a site. Fab researchThank You

Sorry I did not spot your post previously.

Information about the vaccines is on the .gov pages. If you can't find the info about the Oxford vaccine from the page link below just search the .gov website.

Hope you find the link a useful reference.

Flipingpancakes in reply to Bkin

Thanks Bkin for the info.

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