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flu vaccine


may i ask was it just the way my gp did the flu vaccine this year or did other have same when want for mine teh nurse say it a no 4 for this guy so can anyone tell me what is a no 4 flu vaccine.'

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It has 4 parts as such to make sure that people aged 65+ are well protected. Under 65 have 3 elements to their flu jab I believe. Xxxx

benney123 in reply to sassy59

well thank you for getting back to me so then shall i take it they got my age wrong as am only 59 or are they giving people like us teh 4 parts

sassy59 in reply to benney123

Maybe they are benney. Ring your surgery and ask them to explain. Perhaps I’m wrong.

Take care xxxx

Ern007 in reply to sassy59


Could well be because of the lung issue benney that you are given the 4 part vaccine as well.


The Quad (4)vaccine is given to most adults under 65 .

Over 65s have the triple with a protein additive this year to boost the immune system.


The difference is the 65+ Vaccine has 4 parts and, the under 65 "3 parts"

"The enhanced vaccine has been specially formulated to create a greater immune response amongst the elderly, who are known to have a weaker response to immunisation."

I am sure we got difference vaccine last year, I know for sure I could not go with my wife, because her vaccine was different to mine, so it is not new as such, the new formula maybe.

Some further info.


benney123 in reply to Ern007

like i say it was this year you book and then you walk in one door out the other one nurse calling out your name and telling teh other one which one to give you she told the nurse who was giving me mine she shouted No4 for this gent

and am no way near 65

Ern007 in reply to benney123

You should have said that to her, better than taking the wrong vaccine.

sassy59 in reply to Ern007

I’ve always been a bit back to front. Never mind eh., all came right in the end.

Ern007 in reply to sassy59

"Back to front" Lol you always make sense...

sassy59 in reply to Ern007

Thank you lovely Ern. Xxx😘

stones93 in reply to Ern007

I'm sorry ...Chriskho is right about this......

4 is for under 65s, 3 is for over 65s and has an added adjuvant.

😆😆Sorry I’m laughing but I thought it was different this year and my arm hurt for ages ,

My husband and I are both over 67 and i thought maybe we are the ones they want Rid of we get the special jab called “See you later Alligator “ but I’m still here 😆😆X

katieoxo60 in reply to Emerdale

Ha Ha. Just trying to confuse us all as if the Covid virus hasn't caused enough chaos. :) :)

Had my jab this morning,never been in and out of that surgery as fast!

Feel fine except for a very itchy arm!

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