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flu vaccine

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I have an appointment for the flu jab early December, am now getting unsure whether to have it or not. My bronchiectasis is severe, breathing on any movement difficult. Take a dose of Nacsys every day to loosen the mucous, causes lot of coughing to bring up the mucous, but fingers crossed no infections since taking it. Any advice welcome. Iris x

15 Replies
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You dont say why you are wondering whether to have the flu jab Iris. Is it just because you have managed not to get any infections for a while, since taking the mucolytic medication? And you dont say if you've had the flu jab each year previously. Personally I would be terrified not to have it even though its not a 100% guarantee of staying infection free. But the odds are better!

See what others say. Main thing obvs is to keep safe and for me that means having the jab, even though I would prefer to do without. All best, jean

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I fully agree with 02Trees.

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Just to say I have severe broncheactesis as well and I have had the flu jab with no side effects

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I had 5th covid booster Moderna on 25th Sept and flu Jab a week later and have suffered breathlessness ever since Also my son in law had his booster 2 weeks ago Moderna and flu jab and had a seizure on Sunday . Now has heart problem .we are positive it is the vaccination . My COPD team are calling today as I am back on oxygen. I have decided no more vaccinations as had too many now .its your decision as we all react differently. Hope your breathing Improves .sending hugs xxSheila 🥂⚘

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teddyd in reply to garshe

Do you mind me asking has any medical professional linkeded the vacinatios to your breathing difficulties or your son in inlaws seizure? I

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garshe in reply to teddyd

It has been suggested by hospital for my son in law and I had bad reaction from Miderna vaccine before. No problems with AstraZeneca or Pfizer just Moderna. The last one also had another added to it xxSheila

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Lizzab in reply to garshe

I'm sorry to hear that. Remember to report your reaction. One of my children had a severe local reaction to a vaccination many years ago - this, along with having worked for a pharmaceutical company, is how I became aware of the importance of reporting reactions.

I have a friend who had a terrible reaction to flu some years ago. Became very ill. Vaccination has to be a personal choice.

I became doubtful of flu jab when I looked at the ingredients one year! Thankfully haven't seen mercury in it as an ingredient for a while.

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garshe in reply to Lizzab

I will thanks xxSheila 👍💕⚘

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anng18 in reply to garshe

Hi Garshe,

I also reacted badly to the Moderno jab. Woke up in the middle of the night, totally breathless - very frightening. I have had two lots of steroids since and a dose of anti-biotics. This has definitely helped, but without a doubt, the vaccine caused the breathlessness and low oxygen levels. I had the flu jab on Tuesday, this week. Wasn't too well, yesterday, but ok today. It didn't cause breathlessness, just body aches and a feeling of being generally unwell.

You are absolutely right, when you say we all react differently and I think this should be respected by everyone, including our not so wonderful GPs!

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garshe in reply to anng18

I know of younger people who had bad reaction .my daughters friend a man in his late 30's very fit ,worked out ran every day a builder. .unfortunately after vaccination is now unable to work and is really struggling to breathe. , so sad to see him. No problems before vaccination. xxSheila 😥💕

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Cruise1 in reply to anng18

both my wife and I had Moderna as our 5th booster. Neither of us even got a sore arm. We both have had Astra Zeneca and Pfizer before.

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By the way do you also use a device to help you with mucus clearance alongside nacsys?

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I can understand you being nervous about having the flu vaccine Iris as you are feeling so unwell, perhaps speak with your gp who can advise you x

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Our GP was quite firm about flu jab. Get it done. No effects at all and my wife is on Azithro 3x per week for Bronchiectasis.

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I had my flu jab + covid jabs early Sept.apart frm sore arms for cpl days,no probs at all. It is a personal choice.hope u can talk to dr or nurse,if unsure x

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