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Hi everyone, Last week 2am in the morning I had what may have been my first really bad chest infection could not breath and so wheezy and my Ventolin rescue inhaler that would normally work for me was doing nothing, it was scary and I had to phone for ambulance and they put a mask on me that seem to be spraying out like a mist into my mouth and after about 20mins I was fine and calmed down.

I now know this was called a nebuliser has I just thought it was oxygen they were giving me but it made me feel much better at the time and just wanted to know if you can buy these nebulisers for myself for any future chest infections I may have.

Also do some of you sometimes have to use them and what do you think of them or are they just what ambulance crew have for a emergency.

I do know that I should have started my emergency pack of antibiotics and prednisolone 5mg sooner but this chest infection just hit me out of the blue in the night that I thought was just a mild cold.

Sorry to be a pain but if I could just have your thoughts and experience (if any) with these nebulisers.

Many thanks & best wishes


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Whilst you can buy one of your own and buy saline solution to use in it, the meds are a different matter and you will need to get those on prescription from the doctor, for which will probably get a resounding "no", but you may strike lucky. So before wasting your money, ask your doctor about it first.

Hope you’re doing better and get well soon music. I agree with 2greys, speak with your doctor first and tell him how you feel.

Pete has a nebuliser that he uses twice a day but that was given to him by the Royal Brompton and the medication was prescribed by them too.

Take care xxxx

music in reply to sassy59

OH I see, so nebulisers it seems are more for the people that struggle more with there breathing and other things with copd

Thanks so much for reply


peege in reply to music

Yes, they're used to administer prescribed medication, saline or in your case emergencies .

Don't forget, when using ventolin you need to wait 30 seconds between inhalations or you're only getting the propellent. P

Tugun in reply to peege

Hi Peege,

I haven't heard that about the propellant before. Where is that information?

Many thanks,


peege in reply to Tugun

A BLF nurse, from an expert on my Pulmonary Rehab course and a respiratory nurse

Tugun in reply to peege

Thanks. I will have to look that up.

PS I thought that is why we shook them before use?

Hidden in reply to music

I was given my first nebulizer by the hospital. I get Saline solution on prescription for my Bronchiectasis.


I have one for home use. It's there if required but I must admit I haven't needed it for about six years. However, for me, it is a feeling of safety to have it there because it has helped me on those serious life-threatening occasions.

The last time I used it was when a chest infection suddenly got worse during the night and I woke up not able to breathe. I used both it (with Ventolin nebules) and my Ventolin rotahaler. I was then able to ring for the ambulance. I keep the medication up to date every couple of years so it's there in an emergency.

Ask your respertory nurse at the hospital. They gave me one. They I just order the ventolin nobules from my gp surgery. As far as I know gp surgeries dont loan the machines ring respertory department they should be able to help if not have seen on ebay or Amazon. Also wirth checking whether or not you retain CO2 if so they will give you machine to use it helps

My doctor says that if I feel I have to go on my nebulizer then I should be ringing 999

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