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Hugs and Kisses??

Hi all, lying in bed this morning and thinking how on earth did I catch a real vicious cold, complete with a dry cough every ten minutes. Had taken such care all year to avoid large crowds, cinemas, etc, anywhere I would be likely to encounter anything contagious. Then it occurred to me, what about the pre-Christmas parties, all the hugging and air kissing that takes place with the family etc. Then it really hit me. My daughter in law was Head of Contagious Diseases in a major hospital, (but now heads a Hospice) and her eldest daughter has just qualified and is in the A&E at the hospital that she was head at. We were with them for two days a couple of days before Christmas, along with a lot of other family members and friends. Allow an incubation period of six? days or less and the timing is right. I do enjoy family dos, but I shall have to think about them in future. No way round it, go and risk catching something, or stop at home. Just not fun no more!! Take care all.

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Hope you get better soon, Happ New year and take care. It's awful when you have to decide if you are going to a family do, as none of us want to catch a cold.😊 Bernadette xx

I know what you mean ,when I’m waiting in the hospital for my appointment I think ,what am I going to pick up here

ALl. The best


I would go ahead with hugging and kissing, there can’t possibly be anyone here better prepared for dealing with the result than your family.👍😀

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One would think so, but at present no one, but no one, can cure a cold. Daft is it not? Add the cold to Chronic Bron plus a throat knocked about by radiation and ops, and one can do little but ones best to avoid catching anything. Never mind. My teenage granddaughter is coming shortly and she still thinks granddad is the bees knees, even though I can't really bend them anymore. Anyone else out there remember saying "when I retire I'm going to." This old age is not what it's cracked up to be. Snakes have the right idea. Skins too old, shed it and there you are, a brand new one. Take care all.

I share your sentiments. Get well soon. Pat xxx

I hope you feel better soon. I don't know if colds are nastier than they used to be, like it would be three or so days of feeling poorly then it all cleared up. Now they seem to last for weeks with a cough that lingers for months and leave you feeling drained and without energy. Or is it just our advancing age and deteriorating health that causes the once humble cold to be so virulent and devastating 🤔

There is a lot in what you say. I too feel that colds last far longer theses days but as you say maybe it is an age related thing.


Look after yourself and take a dose of VIt C and zinc or whatever works for you!

Take care!

Not a good start to the new year, but heres wishing you a speedy recovery and at least you enjoyed the family get togethers over Christmas .

I know exactly what you mean and made a decision not to go out on New Years Eve this time. Crowded pubs with poor air quality and all the kissing at midnight, lethal!!! I have a large family and went to a few family do's however. I find that the worst offenders are small children who just cough and sneeze all over you! One of my little granddaughters once sneezed right down my throat, eeewww…!!!

Two of my daughters are teachers and catch everything from nits to winter vomiting disease at work !! I am paranoid about frequently washing my hands and avoiding poorly children where possible. I also run anti bacterial wipes over my door handles etc. I always have Vicks vapour rub in and the makings of a healing hot toddy!! J Get well soon!!

Glad I am not the only one paranoid about hand washing!!!

Firstly I hope you recover quickly and feel much better very soon.

Yours is a question I ask myself repeatedly.

I do not have a car so using public translport for me is a certain way to encounter some nasty of some sort or another, despite the proverbial hand wash and gloves and scarves etc!!!!

Th problem for me would be that I love a hug and have been known to go looking for one!!!

Good wishes,

I have been using nasal guard all christmas as I had to use the train to get to Cardiff and back which is over 3 hours to get there and 3 hours back and must have come into contact with coughs and colds but have luckily escaped this year. I have this on me at all times now and use it every time I go out just to be on the safe side x

I was in hospital 11/12- 13/12. Had emergency operation as haitus hernia had twisted. I have been coughing ever since. Diagnosed as virus before Christmas and chest infection after. I am just starting to feel a little better. Most people can resist these bugs but not me!

When I feel poorly I find if I track back 3 days that is when I have been invaded so that is the incubation period for me.It is so difficult to avoid germs.I am forever washing my hands as I was told that was the most common place for them to lurk.I was housebound and had no visitors for 2 weeks but still managed to catch a cold/chest infection ???? The only contact I had with the outside world was the post coming in through the letterbox.So maybe blame the postman it could be his fault all along :-) Food for thought..... Seriously though, I hope you beat the bugs and are feeling better soon xx

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