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To anyone in the same position

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Hi everyone (or hello to everyone who reads this, anyway).

I was diagnosed with lung cancer (primaries, both lungs) two and a half years ago. The two on the right lung were removed, the left I had sabre treatment on. A further cancer has developed on the right lung, and cancer has been found on my spine recently.

Two weeks ago my kidney failed and other organs began to follow. Luckily my daughter was here visiting and realised very quickly all was not well and sent for an ambulance. I am now home after a rather horrendous time in hospital (the first two days don't bare thinking about), and seem to be having the right care and attention from those on my case, from G.P., consultant, the hospice team etc. The G.P is away at the moment, but said as soon as she gets back, we will talk and make sure. all is in place.

My question is, is anyone else in a similar or the same situation? No matter how loving and caring my family and friends are, and they are, I would really love to talk to someone who is going through the same journey, if at all possible. I would be most grateful.

All best wishes to everyone on this site

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So sorry to hear of your health problems nantilly and hope you get all the help and support you need. Thinking of you and sorry I can’t be of more help. Xxx💕

There is also a lung cancer support forum on Health Unlocked which I am sure can help you.

Thank you very much your brave and honest post. I am not in your situation, just sending lots of love and support.Kate xx 🌻💕🌻

Best wishes. I wish I could help. xxx

I'm not in your situation nantilly and can only wish you well xx

Your certainly having a tough time.wishing u well x

Hi have you tried the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation page on here? They are really helpful to both lung cancer patients and their families. Best wishes

Sorry to hear of your health issues nantilly. Unfortunately I have no experience or advice to give you however I wish you well. X

So sorry to hear of your problems Nantilly. I cant comment of your condition as I dont know enough about it. I do hope that you receive the best of care , will be thinking of you x

Hello nantilly. I am truly sorry you are having such a difficult time, hopefully you will find someone to talk to. I can only wish you all the very best and send my love xxx❤️

So sorry to hear your problems. Afraid I cannot help and can only wish you well.

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