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Call if you need us

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Yesterday I had someone call the district nurse on my behalf as I was still in the place where I was unable to speak. I have paper thin skin and

my little dog accidentally ripped my arm and hand open. I'm on blood thinners so naturally was a bit worried. Also worried about infection. Called District nurses at 8.30 am. Answerphone so left message for a call back. No response by 10.30 so called again. No response. Luckily my lodger is a trained first aider. When he got home about 4ish he cleaned and dressed my wounds. Still no call from the people who said. Call if you need us....

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My feeling is that you need to report or make a complaint about this to the nursing manager.

You were fortunate that your lodger eventually came to your assistance but the anxiety you no doubt went through during the day waiting for a call back from a nurse should not have happened and deserves an explanation.

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Thanks for the advice. I do intend to report it if I can actually find someone to speak to. As you say I am lucky to have someone to help me but there are many who don't and what if it had been more serious. I will certainly be letting my GP know maybe they will be able to get hold of someone. Best wishes Patsy.

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It may be that if your district nurse team is based in a health centre the manager may also be based there. If this is the case the operator of the switchboard number for the centre would know and be able to transer your call.

If this is not the case I hope that your GP is able to help as you must need some reasurrance in case of a future need to contact your nurses.

Best wishes

Oh how often I've heard those words " you've got our number call us if you need us " Well I did need them desperately twice, not for myself but for two people I loved very much. If you don't mean it, don't say it. Sheila x

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